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NFL Coaching Hires

Guy got the hardest job of them all. Dolphins gotta be in complete rebuild mode here.  Tannehill is not their future and they have almost no play makers on this team which is why it’s impressive what Adam Gase did with this unit.


PGA Tour Season Preview Part II: Betting Odds & Picks

Don’t hold me to my picks here.  Picking tournament winners 4+ months out is crap shoot and chances are I’ll probably have different picks the week of each tournaments below. 

NFL Packers

Packers Hire Matt LaFleur as Head Coach

I’d like to know if LaFleur flew to the top of the list because he was a candidate that wanted to keep Mike Pettine at DC. It’s obvious the Packers organization like what Pettine did with the defense in 2018, along with a lot of fans. I’d have to believe LaFleur said he’d keep Pettine on as DC and that helped sway the Packers towards him more. 


College Football Tournament* Expansion

I still see people arguing against the expansion to 8 teams because it would “lessen” the regular season, and college football is “unique” because the regular season matters. SPOILER ALERT FOLKS: the regular season matters in every fucking sport.