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Toe Tappin’ Into the Weekend

Featuring Carter Winter, Tyler Childers, Randy Houser, and Cody Jinks!


The College Football Tournament* (Playoff) Thoughts Part II

8 team playoff, all P5 conference winners are automatically in with 3 at large. 
This will likely happen one day.  You could also make this number 10 or 12 but that might be too many for a lot of people.
Conference winners are always the top 5 seeds. (comes to play in 2017 season)
Lowest ranked P5 champion is always the “#5 seed.” (comes to play in 2017 season. 


The College Football Tournament* (Playoff) Thoughts Part 1

On the day the first College Football Playoff rankings are set to come out, I wanted to give my thoughts on the mess that is the College Football Playoff. This is part 1 of 2 about my thoughts on the College Football Playoff.


CFB Week 9: Early Game Quick Reactions

When you join the Big Ten as a player, where are you excited to go in and play?  The Big House, the Horseshoe, a white out at Penn State, Camp Randall, or maybe even at places like Iowa, Nebraska, or Michigan State.  You don’t get excited about playing at a high school stadium in Evanston, IL.