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CFB Week 13 Sportsbook

Big game here for the G5 teams.  Haven’t watched a game of either all year, lets be honest. 

Country Music

Toe Tappin’ Into The Weekend: Wednesday Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving. Nobody works, and if you are you aren’t really working. Everybody is back in their hometowns and goes out to achieve that Thanksgiving Day hangover. Here’s a few tunes to get the night started with old friends.

NFL Packers

Packers/Seahawks Deep Dive

Maybe once McCarthy is gone the Packers will be more aggressive while up late in games and the players will execute better. Until that happens, the Packers will continue to disappoint their fans and take years off of my life.


Packers/Patriots Deep Dive

Nick Perry looks like the worst edge player in the NFL.  Is slow, not athletic, gets no pressure, shows no strength.  The only thing he’s done all year is get that final sack on Trubisky in the first game and have like 3 balls batted down.  He needs to play better or get cut, like now.  There are guys on the street that would play harder than Perry.