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NBC Sports Bears Says That Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins Own the Bears in Tweet.

but I guess this is what happens when you have one great year and get bounced in the Wild Card round against a backup QB whose going to get over paid this year and you, yourself have a QB that will never bring you to a Super Bowl. 

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Packer Fans: Landon Collins is a Free Agent and That is a Great Thing (hopefully)

If you check Packers twitter, you will see people are buzzing about Collins in the green and gold, but why?  Well first of all, the Packers worst unit is the Safety position. 


Tuesday Hangover: Rob Kraft Gets a Tug and Blow, Dustin Johnson is the Best Golfer in the World, LeBron James is a Bitch, and Michigan State Takes Control of the Big 10

What is clear here: the NFL still dominates sports in America.  This story was the headline on very radio show, TV show, podcast,  subject at the bar across America.  If an MLB owner, NHL owner, NBA owner (depending on the owner) did this, the story is not nearly as big. The NFL is king. 

NFL Packers

Packers to Reportedly Let Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews Go This Off-Season

He played his first game in 2011 at 21 years old, he is only 28 now.  For a WR, that leaves him 3-4 year left in his prime, and I still believe Cobb can be a very solid slot WR. 

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Jordy Nelson Confirms What All Packer Fans Already Know

Greg Jennings is brought on to poke at Rodgers legacy and criticize him because Jennings is butt hurt that he sucked after the Packers let him walk and Rodgers didn’t do for him, what Rodgers did for James Jones.