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CFB Week 10 Review

Well the game of the week in all of college football was West Virginia @ Texas.  And BOY THE BALLS ON DANA HOLGORSEN.


CFB Week 11 Sportsbook

Oh and don’t you worry MSST fans, if you guys lose this week by 29 you’ll probably only drop to like #20 in the rankings. No big deal! You played Alabama and lost, so thats a plus for your resume! yay!


The College Football Tournament* (Playoff) Thoughts Part II

8 team playoff, all P5 conference winners are automatically in with 3 at large. 
This will likely happen one day.  You could also make this number 10 or 12 but that might be too many for a lot of people.
Conference winners are always the top 5 seeds. (comes to play in 2017 season)
Lowest ranked P5 champion is always the “#5 seed.” (comes to play in 2017 season. 


The College Football Tournament* (Playoff) Thoughts Part 1

On the day the first College Football Playoff rankings are set to come out, I wanted to give my thoughts on the mess that is the College Football Playoff. This is part 1 of 2 about my thoughts on the College Football Playoff.