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Tuesday Hangover: Rob Kraft Gets a Tug and Blow, Dustin Johnson is the Best Golfer in the World, LeBron James is a Bitch, and Michigan State Takes Control of the Big 10

What is clear here: the NFL still dominates sports in America.  This story was the headline on very radio show, TV show, podcast,  subject at the bar across America.  If an MLB owner, NHL owner, NBA owner (depending on the owner) did this, the story is not nearly as big. The NFL is king. 

NFL Packers

Packers to Reportedly Let Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews Go This Off-Season

He played his first game in 2011 at 21 years old, he is only 28 now.  For a WR, that leaves him 3-4 year left in his prime, and I still believe Cobb can be a very solid slot WR. 

NFL Packers

Jordy Nelson Confirms What All Packer Fans Already Know

Greg Jennings is brought on to poke at Rodgers legacy and criticize him because Jennings is butt hurt that he sucked after the Packers let him walk and Rodgers didn’t do for him, what Rodgers did for James Jones. 


AAF Recap and Week 2

The team who wins this thing, will be the team with the most competent QB play throughout the year.  I mean Christian Hackenberg is fucking awful.  That was embarrassing to watch, how long till he gets benched?


Antonio Brown Update

All of these situations don’t matter if the Steelers do decide to just cut then guy.  Then its a free for all.  But then the Steelers would risk a team like the Patriots getting him on a one or two year deal and going for that 7th Super Bowl.  


The Alliance of American Football 2019 Season Preview

If you’re wonder what Apollos are, apparently archers. But fun fact here, Apollo is a Greek god and one of the most complex, while also the god of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light, and knowledge.


Can We Stop Sucking Off Tony Romo?

Is Romo good at this job? Yes, I enjoy Romo on the broadcast next to Jim Nantz who is probably scrolling through his phone during the game trying to decide what tie he should buy so he can give it to the 2019 College Basketball National Champions.