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NFL Week 2 Super Contest Picks

The Bengals OL is pretty shaky and Joe Mixon's status is up in the air for the Bengals.

Buffalo Bills (-2) @ New York Giants (+2)

  • The Bills pulled out a W after being down 16-0 in New York in Week 1, this week they might get up 16-0.
  • The Giants are worse than the Jets in every way, other than probably RB and that is still almost even.
  • The Giants will be without their #1 WR in Sterling Shepherd and last time I checked, Eli Manning is still their QB.
  • The Bills have a great defense and I think the fact that they just made this trip to New York helps them out.
  • I like Josh Allen to have a big day against the Giants and get more settled into this new offense and his new weapons in Buffalo.
  • The Giants were manhandled by the Cowboys in game 1. The Bills really aren’t comparable to the Cowboys offensively, but the Bills to me are better on offense than people will give them credit for.
  • This game is close if the Giants defense plays better and puts pressure on Josh Allen but I have no idea whose going to do that.
  • I like the Bills to cover this one and win by a TD or more. Eli just doesn’t haven’t anymore and this Bills defense shows that.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+8.5) @ Houston Texans (-8.5)

  • The line here is so big because Rookie QB Gardner Minshew is starting for Jacksonville.
  • Minshew played well against the Chiefs but for one, the Chiefs could still have a bad a defense and two, the Chiefs didn’t prepare for Minshew at all.
  • Having said that, to go 22 for 25 in your debut after getting minimal first team reps is very fucking impressive.
  • I think Minshew plays well enough here which is why I like Jacksonville to cover.
  • Not only that but the Jags still have a dominate defense that has held this Texans team to 24 points or less in the past six games, including two instances of the Texans only scoring 7 points.
  • That Texans OL still has a ton of problems and the Jags have a better front seven than the Saints.
  • One question for me that scares me with the Jags is if they can keep their god damn heads on straight. I feel like in every big game someone on their defense is freaking the fuck out.
  • Divisional game, the Jags aren’t scared of traveling to Houston, and I really like Minshew’s mindset. Give me the Jags to cover a big spread.

Philadelphia Eagles (-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (+2)

  • This may be my easiest pick of the week. The Eagles woke up and looked great in the second half against Washington, and the Falcons looked like trash all game.
  • The Falcons issues have not been fixed at all.
  • Their OL is still very bad. Last week against the Vikings, Matt Ryan was constantly running for his life.
  • The Falcons defense also got gashed by the Vikings running attack. I thought the Falcons defense which is healthy, would play much better but they failed to do so.
  • The Eagles offense is much more explosive than the Vikings and I do not like the match-up for the Falcons defense.
  • I see Wentz having his way against the Falcons.
  • Four straight year the Falcons have allowed the most catches from RBs out of the backfield. I think Wentz and the Eagles take full advantage of that.
  • As bad as the Falcons OL was, I also see Matt Ryan having some success against the Eagles secondary, but he needs time to do so.
  • This is a Sunday Night game and the home opener for the Falcons but I see the Eagles coming out on top here.

San Francisco 49ers (+1.5) @ Cincinnati Bengals (-1.5)

  • This was a tough one because the 49ers offense looked so poor against the Bucs and got a few gifts from Jameis Winston on Sunday.
  • The Niners offense was pitiful against the Bucs and Garrapolo was also shaky at best.
  • The Bengals meanwhile almost beat the Seahawks in Seattle and showed some nice offense. However, the Seahawks secondary was pitiful especially their safety play.
  • The Bengals OL is pretty shaky and Joe Mixon’s status is up in the air for the Bengals.
  • The 49ers also stayed out east after already being in Tampa. Instead of going back to San Fran the 49ers decided to stay in Ohio this week which I think helps them out.
  • I think the 49ers win outright this week. The Bengals are playing their home opener but this team is going to have issues all year and I like the 49ers defense against the Bengals offense.
  • Also every week Jimmy G stays healthy he gains a little more confidence back. I like the Niners offense to put on better show than last week.

Dallas Cowboys (-5.5) @ Washington Redskins (+5.5)

  • This pick is based mainly on one thing: DL Jonathan Allen for the Redskins has been ruled out of the game. Against the Eagles the Redskins played well but as soon as he went out the Eagles got the running game going.
  • The Cowboys are better than the Redskins at every single position and should dominate this game.
  • The Redskins offense was good against the Eagles but most of it was through the air. The Cowboys secondary is better than the Eagles and will limit the Redskins passing options. The Redskins don’t have much talent there anyway.
  • Zeke split carries last week with Tony Pollard and I think Zeke gets a few more and has more room to run against the Redskins without Allen in the game.
  • This is a close game throughout but the Cowboys pull away late and win by two scores.
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