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Toe Tappers Update: Cody Jinks

Cody Jinks is probably at the top of my favorites artist list

Got some great news yesterday about one of the best in country music, Cody Jink. If you don’t know you Cody Jinks is then hop on YouTube or iTunes and start listening, he is a guy we’ve featured on our Toe Tappin’ blogs multiple times. We’ve known for awhile that Cody Jinks was going to release a new album this October but we just got confirmation yesterday that we are getting two full length albums from Jink in back to to back weeks. First, After The Fire is being released on October 11th and The Wanting is being released on October 18th. Below is the album artwork, track list, and writers for each song on both albums.

1. “After the Fire” (Cody Jinks, Larry Hooper)
2. “Ain’t a Train” (Cody Jinks, Josh Morningstar)
3. “Yesterday Again” (Cody Jinks, Josh Morningstar, Ward Davis)
4. “Tell Em What It’s Like” (Cody Jinks, Josh Morningstar)
5. “Think Like You Think” (Cody Jinks, David C. Banning)
6. “William and Wanda” (Cody Jinks, Rebecca Jinks)
7. “One Good Decision” (Cody Jinks, Greg Walker, Tennessee Jet)
8. “Dreamed With One” (Cody Jinks, Paul Cauthen)
9. “Someone to You” (Tennessee Jet)
10. “Tonedeaf Boogie” [Instrumental] (Austin Tripp, Chris Claridy, David Colvin, Drew Harakal)

1. “The Wanting” (Cody Jinks, Tennessee Jet)
2. “Same Kind of Crazy As Me” (Cody Jinks, Greg Jones, Ward Davis)
3. “Never Alone Always Lonely” (Cody Jinks, Rebecca Jinks)
4. “Whiskey” (Casper McWade, Jamie Richards)
5. “Where Even Angels Fear To Fly” (Cody Jinks, Tennessee Jet)
6. “Which One I Feed” (Jaida Dryer, Josh Morningstar)
7. “A Bite of Something Sweet” (Cody Jinks, Rebecca Jinks)
8. “The Plea” (Josh Morningstar)
9. “It Don’t Rain in California” (Cody Jinks, Josh Morningstar)
10. “Wounded Mind” (Clint Park, Cody Jinks, Greg Jones, Ward Davis)
11. “Ramble” (Chris Hennessee)
12. “The Raven and The Dove” (Cody Jinks, Tennessee Jet)

I cannot wait for these albums to be released, Cody Jinks is probably at the top of my favorites artist list and I’m looking forward to these albums more so than Jon Pardi’s or Sturgill Simpsons new albums coming out soon. Jinks released Lifers just last year but it didn’t live up to the hype, which his hard to do after you put out an album like I’m Not the Devil which in my humble opionion is one of the best albums I’ve heard front to back. We’ll get a taste of After the Fire this Friday on the 15th as the album will be available for pre-order. One song has actually been released from The Wanting called ‘Same Kind of Crazy As Me.” If you’ve never heard Cody Jinks before, don’t worry I got you covered, take a listen below.

P.S. Cody Jinks last two album covers have had this prospector/cowboy/Jesus looking guy. I miss him.

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