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Packers Preseason Game 2: Spoiler Alert, They Looked Like Shit but it’s the Preseason

Where was J'Mon Moore last night? His chances to make the team are becoming slim.

The Packers visited the Baltimore Ravens last night and it didn’t look good for the most part. The Packers lost the game 26-13 to a Ravens team that I don’t think has lost a preseason game in like 2+ years? Could be wrong, somebody check on that for me. We were supposed to see the First Team offense but Aaron Rodgers didn’t play because of “back tightness.” I put that in quotes because well, they could have just decided they didn’t want to play him and made something up. The first time defense was also out there for the first quarter but some notable guys didn’t play. Kevin King, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, Josh Jackson, Danny Vitale, Oren Burks, Ibraheim Campbell, Josh Jones, and Trevor Davis. All those guy minus Jones and Davis are going to make this team and contribute in a big way during the regular season. So we didn’t exactly see the “real” Packers out there but then again, we won’t see that squad until Week 1 in Chicago. Let’s take a look at what went down yesterday.

  • First off, Curtis Bolton started a ILB with Oren Burks out. Bolton recorded 6 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PD, and had 1 INT off of a tipped ball from Tony Brown. As much as we loved Ty Summers in the first preseason game, it looks like the Mike Pettine sees something in the undrafted rookie out of Oklahoma. Notably we’ve been told that Pettine likes how well Bolton can blitz.
  • The WR competition is heating up and going to be the hardest cut of camp. Darrius Shepherd caught 3 balls for 11 yards and 1 TD on 6 targets, he did have one drop. Allen Lazard caught 3 balls for 63 yards on 4 targets and for how big he is, showed some great after the catch ability.
  • Jake Kumerow is making this team. I think him and Equaniemous St. Brown are more likely in a battle for the WR4 spot. Kumerow ran a few very good routes again and caught 3 balls for 52 yards. He also had a drop, I can’t believe it.
  • There were some Packer fans out there thinking Geronimo Allison might not be the WR2 or could be gone because of how deep this WR core is and how he hasn’t stayed healthy. GMO was getting open on all the routes he was running last night. He caught 2 of his 3 targets for 29 yards. If Allison is healthy, he already has the chemistry with Rodgers, has proven he can catch the ball, and looks great out of the slot. If he’s healthy for a full 16 games, he’ll have a chance to reach 1,000 yards receiving.
  • The starting RBs for the Packers had a rough day. At halftime the Packers only had 7 yards rushing. Tra Carson and Dexter Williams did close to nothing, and both didn’t show the vision I’d like to see. The Packers ran quite a few stretches/sweeps last night and both guys failed to cut up when the chance was there, even if it was only a few yards. Instead they tried to get the edge and well, they didn’t get there and lost yards. Williams also had a drop on a screen pass where he could have gotten some good yardage and fumbled a hand-off from Tim Boyle deep in the Packers territory.
  • Darrin Hall on the other hand, came in a showed what you want to see. Hit holes hard, and made that first cut very quickly. Obviously he wasn’t playing against the 1st or even 2nd team of the Ravens but he looked the only quality RB last night with 7 carries for 31 yards. And surprise, surprise, the drive where he had to good chunk runs, the Packers were able to do some play action and scored a TD.
  • Speaking of that drive, I’m pretty sure the Packers ran the same motion, with the TE coming across the formation pre-snap, and going back to the opposite side to seal the edge after the snap. Packers reeled off two good runs for Hall doing this, and then hit Lazard on nice play-action pass.
  • The defensive line played well again. Kenny Clark is a fucking monster, the guy was all over the place. I hope he finally gets the recognition he deserves this year. The NFL Players vote on their Top 100 every year and Clark didn’t make it. He’s a top 100 player.
  • Kingsley Keke also played well from his DT spot. He had two tackles and 1 TFL during the game. I really like what I’m seeing from Keke so far.
  • Za’Darius Smith missed a sack on Lamar Jackson but Smith was pretty consistent in beating his guy. Preston Smith didn’t get much pressure on the QB but he did make some nice plays in the run game.
  • I just don’t get the Packers. Honestly I think its in the Packers DNA as a franchise to just leave WRs wide the fuck open. Jackson was completing passes to guys and the closest Packer was like 5 full yards away. It just amazes me this happens year after year and I feel like I rarely see it from other teams. Miscommunication? Poor execution? I don’t know what it is but it needs to be fixed.
  • Also missed tackles, holy hell. The Packers missed a ton of tackles again that led to big yards for the Ravens. I know LaFleur doesn’t want to hurt guys by tackling in practice but something has to be done. Too many times guys are leaving their feet early, just diving all over and not only missing tackles, but missing tackles for losses. It needs to be fixed last week.
  • Lane Taylor and Elgton Jenkins are in a serious battle for the LG position. Both guys played with the first and second teams. Jenkins had two holding penalties called on him that were honestly pretty BS.
  • In the secondary Chandon Sullivan had a quite a game. He had some good coverage but also got a little too aggressive and gave up a TD pass on some tight coverage. He had a INT last week and is on a lot of Special Teams but the CB room is pretty full. He’ll probably have to beat out Ka’Dar Hollman to make the squad.
  • Onto the QB play. Deshone Kizer just isn’t cutting it for me. He throws a great deep in route but thats about it, I don’t like his decision making, but he’s a still a guy the Packers traded for and he has more talent than Tim Boyle. Boyle didn’t play well either, other than the one TD drive. He was constantly throwing the ball short or just off target in general. He did stick in the pocket and attempted to make throws though. I just for once, want the Packers to sign a quality backup veteran QB. PLEASE PACKERS.
  • Special Teams is going to kill us all. The Packers had some decent returns, J.K. Scott is looking very good at punter, and all FGs were made last night. But, my lord are penalties just awful and our kickoff return coverage is bad. I mean we have to better without Ron Zook, but the ST is still giving me headaches. Or maybe it was the Moon Mans I had last night.
  • Where was J’Mon Moore last night? His chances to make the team are becoming slim.
  • First round pick Rashan Gary played a lot but didn’t make any plays. We also some fronts early on with the Smith Bros, Gary, and Kenny Clark. I’d expect to see that a lot during passing situations in the regular season. Packer fans are going to freak out that Gary doesn’t have 4 sacks by now, or any any tackles, and call him a bust but the guy was a project coming out of college. He doesn’t need to start, he doesn’t need to have 13 sacks for us, he isn’t going to be the guy that saves this defense. Calm your tits and let the guy develop.
  • Lastly, remember that this is preseason. Because the running game doesn’t look good, doesn’t mean the Packers are only going to run for 70 yards a game. Like I just said, calm your tits, take a deep breath, and remember this is preseason football. Not everybody is out there, the looks were giving and seeing are very basic, the play calls are very basic, everything is going to be okay.

Go Pack Go.

Packers getting ready for the game against the Baltimore Ravens via Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

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