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Alright folks, lots of new Toe Tappers out today and we don’t do emergency blogs unless there’s some real good tunes out. First off, Tyler Childers finally dropped his new album Country Squire today and its as good as advertised. It even has a song about beating off in a hotel room, a very, very, country sounding song – it’s absolutely beautiful. Here’s a couple highlight tracks from the album. Go out and get it, its worth it.

Next up we have another song released from Midlands new album Let It Roll due out on August 23rd called Cheatin’ Songs. These guys are fucking killing it, I didn’t think the could put out a better album than their debut On The Rocks, but so far this new one is sound just as good if not even better. Cheatin’ Songs is an old school, twangy, toe tappin’ track that sounds like it straight from the 80’s. Take a listen below.

The third one we have today is Riley Greens new one called If Grandpa’s Never Died. Green is one of the better up and coming guys in country music, that actually plays country music (something he alludes to in this song). He just got his first number one song and it sure won’t be his last. If Grandpa’s Never Died is a song that has been on YouTube for awhile and a lot of his fans have been begging for a studio version. It kind reminds me a little bit of when Kip Moore played Backseat and it got on YouTube before he put out an album version, that song blew up very quickly for him. This song pulls no punches, its fucking great, its country to its core. I am not sure if this is the next single that is going to be sent out to radio for him. But when he does release this to radio, its a surefire #1 song.

We also have Brantley Gilbert whose new album Fire & Brimstone is up for pre-order and is due out on October 4th. This one came out of nowhere but there are five songs you can get right away and I really love two of three new ones he put out: Bad Boy and Man That Hung the Moon. It seems you either love, or you hate Gilbert. I think he’s very good and I’m a big fan, even though his single choices can be fucking questionable at times (looking at Bottom’s Up). But he consistently puts out some of the best mid-temp/ballads that never get to radio. These two songs are just that. Bad Boy is also written by another up an comer in Josh Phillips. Take a listen below to both.

Finally, Luke Combs released a new song called Let’s Just Be Friends from the upcoming Angry Birds movie. The fact that this is the least country sounding song I’m highlighting is a good thing. Combs is on a tear, take a listen below.

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