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Emergency Toe Tappers Blog: Sturgill Simpson, Midland, and Whiskey Myers Have New Music Out

What a nice surprise this AM.

What a nice surprise this AM. I knew Midland was coming out with a new song and their album due out August 23 titled Let’s Roll is up for pre-order. I saw Sturgill released his new song to YouTube yesterday, and Whiskey Myers had a little story in the Rolling Stones but I didn’t know if any of those songs would be available. First up, here’s Midlands new song Put the Hurt On Me.

Anyway, Sturgill is the fucking man. He was the original non-Nashville country artist, that actually sings country music, to blow up nationally. We also have to be honest here, his last album wasn’t all country but some kind of mix of country, blues, and rock – it was still fucking awesome. I would saw two other guys, Tyler Childers and Cody Jinks have followed in his footsteps as non-Nashville artists that are blowing up nation wide. Here’s Sturgill’s new song, The Dead Don’t Die.

Whiskey Myers is a country music band from Texas that we’ve featured on here before. My favorite song by them is still Summer 2005 from their first album way back in 2008 called Road of Life. Like Sturgill, not all their music is strictly country, in fact most of it would be considered southern rock but either way they are one of the best acts in country music. These guys also have national and world coverage, they’ve done a few tours over in Europe. Here’s their new song, Die Rockin.

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