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John Beilein Leaves Michigan to Become the Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Woj just dropped a BOMB out of nowhere on Monday morning.

Woj just dropped a BOMB out of nowhere on Monday morning.

So this is depressing news as a Michigan fan. Michigan was a decent, at best, basketball program before Beilein showed up. Two national championship games, two final fours, Big Ten regular season and tournament championships, countless number of guys in the NBA, and it’s all over just like that.

Michigan was going to be a top 10-15 team going into next year even after losing Jordan Poole, Ignas Brazdeikis, and Charles Matthews to the NBA. Now? It’s hard to say depending on where they go with their coaching hire but Michigan’s odds are definitely hurting after this one.

So where does Michigan go from here? Beilein turned them into a premier program so the job should be very attractive to everyone out there, it’s been proven you can get to and win National Championship at Michigan.

They could promote within and hire Luke Yaklich, although he’s only been coaching in college basketball since 2013, and prior to that he was a head high school boys and women’s basketball coach. Yaklich, for those that don’t know, is the guy that really turned Michigan into the defensive juggernaut it was the past few years. Beilein made one of his best hires by having Yaklich basically being a defensive coordinator for him. Below is a little clip of Yaklich talking some game.

Looking outside of the program, Michigan can really go anywhere with this hire. They’ll probably take a swing at big some big names.

Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Beard

Chris Beard is the biggest name out there right now. He just led Texas Tech to the National Championship game and many thought he would be there for awhile but lets be honest, Michigan is a better job than Texas Tech. Plus Michigan will be able to pay him more money that Texas Tech can.

Juwan Howard (center) coaching for the Miami Heat

Juwan Howards name has been brought up simply because he’s a Michigan man but I don’t see Michigan going that way. Although Howard has coaching experience in the NBA, he has none in college basketball. Plus there are reports right now he will be interviewing for the Minnesota Timberwolves job. I think Michigan brings him in if he doesn’t take that job, but ultimately he won’t end up back home.

LaVall Jordan, Head Coach for the Butler Bulldogs

LaVall Jordan, the current head coach at Butler, is a common name because he used to coach under Beilein at Michigan. Jordan was solid with Butler during his one year there. He left Michigan in 2017 to coach at UW-Milwaukee then jumped shipped there to coach his alma mater.

Some other names to keep track of are Porter Moser (HC at Loyola-Chicago), Bobby Hurley (HC at Arizona St.), and Johnny Dawkins (HC at UCF). The key here is to look at the good mid-major coaches or the guys who have jumped from Mid-Major to Major very recently. Beard and Hurley are guys who fit that mold, while Dawkins and Moser are small school coaches that are going to get a big coaching gig sooner than later.

Either way, I expect Michigan to go for a bigger name which is why guys like Jordan, Howard, and Yaklich will get interviews but I don’t think they go that way. Since 2012 under Beilein you could argue Michigan has been the class of the Big Ten in basketball. I think Michigan will try and keep it that way with a big name hire.

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