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NFL First Round Draft Highlights

Let's take a look at what happened last night for some teams. Although I preach patience and wait a see for the Packers. We don't do that for other teams, we judge.

First, you can read my thoughts on the Packers picks here. I won’t be going over those picks in this blog.

Let’s take a look at what happened last night for some teams. Although I preach patience and wait a see for the Packers. We don’t do that for other teams, we judge.

Arizona Cardinals take Kyler Murray #1 Overall

Since January the Cardinals have been on the clock, and they still the whole damn 10 minutes to pick Kyler Murray. You know who you’re picking, just make it right away. Don’t sit there with your nuts in hand waiting for some miracle trade to drop, just make the pick – you’ve had 3 months to decide that’s enough time.

Murray went #1 to no surprise for most people. Kingsbury loves him, he fits well with his offense and Rosen showed nothing last year for the Cardinals. I expect the Cardinals to be shopping Rosen everywhere today and get whatever they can. It would be hilarious if they could only get a 3rd and some other picks. The Cardinals have so many needs though, they need all they can get. I think the Cardinals have to go OL to protect Murray first? I mean they could go anywhere.

Oakland Raiders Make First Surprise Pick with Clelin Ferrell at #4

It was reported the Raiders first pick would be a “surprise.” Well it was, Ferrell went ahead of guys like Josh Allen, Ed Oliver, and Rashan Gary. Ferrell was expected to go into the 20’s or so but Gruden and GM Mike Mayock obviously loved what they saw from him. Ferrell was apart of that dominate Clemson front that destroyed Alabama in the National Championship game. He’s a great player but many think this was a reach. Listen, if Mayock and Gruden loved him then you take the top guy on your board. It would be a risk to wait until their second pick at 24 for him and this way they didn’t have to trade picks to get him. They got their guy.

The Giants Don’t Know What They’re Doing and Take Daniel Jones at #6

Holy shit, this is funny. Daniel Jones is a day two player, he is not good enough to be picked in the first round. I just talked about the Raiders getting their guy, which the Giants did here. The difference? There’s no way someone else takes Daniel Jones in the first half of the first round, maybe somebody trades back in somewhere in the late 20’s. The Giants didn’t need to take Jones here to still get him. Hell, they traded back into the first round anyway for three first round picks. This was just STUPID. Josh Allen is sitting there. Ed Oliver. Maybe an OL to protect your creaky old QB. Nope, lets pick Daniel Jones from Duke and let him “sit three years like Aaron Rodgers.” What a joke. I am PISSED if I’m a Giants fan. You have an old QB you think can still win, well put a team around him that can win with your first pick. Get some god damn talent. LOL.

BUT! Let’s look at this from GM David Gettleman’s side. First of all, fuck you to Pat Shurmur. Secondly, if Jones can sit behind Eli for two years (three years is way too long. Eli will die before that) it will make him better. But how much better? I hope this happens. Eli gets hurt for the first time in his career, Jones comes in a just SUCKS.


Josh Allen Falls to Jacksonville at #7

Jacksonville got the best pass rusher in the draft. Like they need more defensive help. If Allen doesn’t fall here, I fully believe the Jags go with Hockenson here. But Allen is just too good of a talent to pass up. If you’re a Jags fan, look for them to go offense in round 2, lots of WR’s available and Irv Smith Jr from Alabama.

Pittsburgh Trades Up to #10 and Takes Devin Bush From Michigan

Pittsburgh needed to go defense in the first round. Many though in the 20’s it would be in the secondary, instead they traded up and got their replacement for Ryan Shazier. Pittsburgh has lacked a MLB who can actually move on the field. Well Devin Bush is a missile out there. Love this pick for the Steelers, he’s going to be an absolute stud for them AND almost no DBs went off the board in Round 1 so it looks like everything worked out for them. Steelers can go anywhere in Round 2, WR, OL, DB would be the best bets.

Washington Takes Dwayne Haskins at #15 and Dances on the Giants Grave

Washington was speculated to trade up all day yesterday, but they stayed put at #15 at got their guy. Haskins should have been the QB pick for the Giants at #6 but Gettleman fell in love with a living corpse instead. Haskins should compete, and probably start right away for the Redskins. He’ll have good tutors in Alex Smith (if he sticks around the team) and Colt McCoy. He doesn’t really have any weapons though. It’s also important to note this is probably Jay Grudens last shot. The Redskins haven’t drafted a QB since they hired Gruden. Cousins was there when he was hired and they signed Smith last year. This will buy Gruden at least one more year, unless they have an awful year this year. Look for the Redskins to go WR on Friday.

Denver Takes Noah Fant at #20

Fants running buddy Hockenson went #9 to the Lions. Two god damn offensive guys from Iowa got drafted inside the Top 20, and Iowa COULD NOT SCORE last year. How does this shit happen.

Denver needed a lot of help. OL, QB, WR, LB, DB. Elway went with the top guy on his board apparently, and got some other picks by trading with the Steelers. The Broncos were a wild card, many thought they might go Drew Lock but apparently they really like Joe Flacco so they got him some weapons. The Broncos now have Fant to go along with Emmanuel Sanders, Cortland Sutton, and DeSean Hamilton. Combine that with two solid RBs and the Broncos offense SHOULD be pretty good. All on Flacco now.

Raiders Take RB Josh Jacobs and S Johnathan Abram to Finish Out Their Big First Round

Did the Raiders have the most predicable first round? Most mocks had them taking Josh Jacobs, along with a DL player, and a DB or WR. Raiders went chalk I guess. The Raiders took the first and only RB in the first round, whom they needed after Marshawn Lynch retired and they have no players behind him. Jacobs is going to start day one for the Raiders.

Abram on the other hand was the second DB taken behind Darnell Savage Jr. The Raiders defensive backfield was abysmal, they need players and got a solid one in Abram. Again, he’ll start day one also.

The Raiders got one pick today, #35 overall. They can go anywhere with it. I think they’ll keep addressing the defense (look for CB), or go OL to give Carr some help and Jacobs lanes to run through.

Baltimore Takes the First WR at #25 with Marquise Brown

I love Brown, I feel bad for him. He is TINY. He is GOOD. Lamar Jackson is going to MISS HIM ALL THE FUCKING TIME. The best WR in the draft went to the WORST POSSIBLE PLACE.

Love the pick for the Ravens, they needed weapons on the outside and they got the best one. He’ll open up some of the running game for Mark Ingram, Lamar Jackson, and company but Jackson needs to prove he can consistently make NFL throws.

Look for the Ravens to address their safety position, replacing CJ Mosley at MLB, and go more weapons on offense. Sadly for them, their next pick is at #85.

Redskins Trade Back Into First Round and Take Montez Sweat at #26

The Redskins traded back in and addressed another big need for them. With Preston Smith gone to the Packers, the Redskins needed some pass rushers. athletically, he was one of the best pass rushers in the draft. The reason he dropped was because of medical concerns, apparently some teams took him off their board. IF he stays healthy, he will be great for them. Especially with all those big defensive linemen from Alabama they got. Ian Rapoport talks about the health issues in the video below.

Giants Trade Back Into the First Round at #30 and Take Deandre Baker

Besides Daniel Jones at #6 I like what the Giants did. They got a big run stuffer at #17 in Dexter Lawrence and then got some defensive back help here with Deandre Baker.

Baker was the only corner back taken in the first round. Bakers issues? He’s small, and didn’t run well at the combine. Hopefully Giants like this pick better than the Lon Hammond guy at #6. Giants, you needed a Noah, not a Lon Hammond. Your fans are Allie Hamilton, and you chose Lon. Morons.

Patriots Get Tom Brady Some Help and Take N’Keal Harry at #32

WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Patriots get my favorite WR in this draft. I love Harry, he’s a big at 6’3 and fast enough for his size. You know the Pats did their work on scouting him, this guy is probably the hardest working WR in this class. He played for Herm Edwards at Arizona St. and I’m sure Edwards got him ready for the NFL. I think this kid is going to be a STUD for the Pats. He’ll play well off of Edelman and if Josh Gordon ever comes back, watch out.

Who The Hell is this Guy Pick?: Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama St. to the Houston Texans at #23.

Texans needed help on their OL and they got it. Many other big names here, they went with this guy.

Most Boring Early Round Pick: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Yawn. Best OL in the draft, still, Yawn. Bengals still suck.

Shittiest Pick of Round 1: Garrett Bradbury, C, NC State to the Minnesota Vikings.

Why? Because he plays for the Vikings. Have fun with Kirk Cousins hands all up in your shit (literally) every game.

Sneaky Great Pick: Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi St to the Tennessee Titans

Long term move here, Simmons tore is ACL and will miss this season but if he was healthy, he would have gone top 5. Phenomenal talent.

Luckiest Team: Buffalo Bills

Bills needed a lot of help. They sat at #9 and Ed Oliver slid right into their laps. They lost Kyle Williams and replaced him with the most athletic DL guy on the board.

Wait, They Drafted in the First Round? Atlanta Falcons

They they did. Actually, they drafted twice. Falcons took two offensive linemen to protect Matt Ryan. Atlanta just needs to address their pass rush situation, and if they can stay healthy there’s no reason to think they can’t contend for an NFC South title.

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