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Packers 2019 Schedule Released

Cold weather games? The Packers might only play three from Week 13 (December 1st) to Week 15 (December 15th).

The Packers 2019 schedule was released yesterday along with the rest of the NFL. We’ve known what teams the would play and where they would play since the end of the regular season, we just didn’t know when. Here’s some thoughts and highlights of the schedule.

  • First, this just means were another week closer to the draft and football season. I’m giddy.
  • Packers have five prime-time games as of right now. Remember from weeks 5-17 there is flex scheduling, which means the NFL can swap out any weeks Sunday Night Football (SNF) game with a different game if they don’t like the match-up. As always, Week 17 game times are decided based on playoff positioning. So as of now, here are the Packers prime-time games
    • Week 1: @ Chicago Bears on SNF
    • Week 4: VS Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football
    • Week 6: VS Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football (MNF)
    • Week 8: @ Kansas City Chiefs on SNF
    • Week 16: VS Minnesota Vikings on MNF
    • So we get two MNF football game this, few teams appear on MNF twice in a season. The Chiefs game will not get flexed out so the Packers will stand pat with at least five prime-time games.
  • I also consider the 3:25 kickoffs as prime-time games, because usually those are the main nationally televised game during the late afternoon kickoff. If we look at it that way, then the Packers also play in “prime-time” against the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers. The game against the 49ers won’t be because the Cowboys play at the Patriots that week.
  • Notably, the Packers play six home games in their first 10. It bodes well for a hot start under new coach Matt LaFluer and get confident going into the last four of six games which will be on the road.
  • Packers have two tough road stretches here. First in weeks 8 and 9 they will go back to back west coast flights. First to Kansas City, then to Los Angeles. Kansas City is more Midwest so its not too bad, but both teams should be competing for the top seed in the AFC again.
  • The second stretch is after their bye in Week 11 when they have to go to San Francisco, then turn around the next week and go to New York to play the Giants.
  • The Packers end the year against their three divisional opponents with two of them on the road. I don’t think the final game against the Lions will be for the division, but either game against the Bears or Vikings could be.
  • The only game I can see getting flexed for the Packers is the Bears game Week 15 going from noon to a 3:25 kickoff.
  • The Packers play five teams who made the playoffs last year: Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams.
  • Cold weather games? The Packers might only play three from Week 13 (December 1st) to Week 15 (December 15th). One on the road at New York and two at home.
    • Their last two games of the year are in domes. They have a by Week 11 (November 17th), and who knows what the weather will be like in Green Bay when they play Carolina on November 10th. Could be 65, could 25.
  • Sneaky good game of the year: Week 12 @ San Francisco 49ers. If Garoppolo is healthy, the 49ers will be good. People like to say LaFleur is a McVay disciple? I’d argue he’s more of a Kyle Shanahan guy – who coaches the 49ers.

I’m not going to do predictions like people love to do because we have no idea whose getting drafted, what teams look like the in the preseason, injuries, trades, guys coming into camp fat, and all that. But they’re going 16-0.

Go Pack Go.

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