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NFL Free Agency Roundup

NFL Free Agency has been going on for the past month or so and things have settled down now.

NFL Free Agency has been going on for the past month or so and things have settled down now.  The first few days were busy, busy with teams spending a lot of money to fill holes on their team.  Many teams get a lot of shit for spending a lot on FA’s that don’t pan out or paying too much.  Well, if you want to top tier FA on your team then you are going to overpay no matter what.  That player is only available because his former team wouldn’t overpay for him, so I don’t really get that argument.  Of course teams are overpaying but they are taking the risk that the player they are getting will fill a major need they don’t have address in the draft.

We won’t go over every single transactions but the ones I think most fans will be interested in, based on their team affiliation. I’ll give some thoughts on the more important ones for teams. For the Packer fans, we’ll be addressing the Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb signings here.  Finally after going through the signings, there a still a lot of names out there waiting to be signed. Here we go.

Arizona Cardinals

  • QB Brett Hundley: 1-year, $1.875 million
  • WR Larry Fitzgerald (Re-Signed): 1 year, $11 million
    • Lots of speculation on whether Fitz would retire or not.  Well looks like he’ll be in town for at least the first year under Kingsbury and new QB Kyler Murray. Big for the Cardinals since besides David Johnson, Fitz is their only play-maker on the outside.
  • ILB Jordan Hicks: 4 years, $34 million
  • CB Robert Alford: 3 years, $22.5 million
  • OLB Terrell Suggs: 2 years, $10 million
    • Suggs decides to come back home to Arizona where he grew up and played college ball at, for Arizona St. The Cardinals need help all over the place and Suggs will be a great mentor for every young guy on this team.  He’ll bring the intensity and show them how to win. Great signing even though he might not be the most productive guy.
  • OG J.R. Sweezy: 2 years, $9 million
    • Anybody was better than what the Arizona already had. Sweezy will at least fill one of five holes on that offensive line for whatever QB is starting next year.

Atlanta Falcons

  • OG James Carpenter: 4 years, $21 million
  • OG Jamon Brown: 3 years, $18.75 million

Baltimore Ravens

mark ingram
  • QB Robert Griffin III (resigned): 2 years, $4.5 million
    • Kinda surprised someone else didn’t make a run at him.  He looked good last year but the Ravens get back one of the best backups in the league.  And the way Lamar Jackson plays, good change RGIII sees the field this year.
  • RB Mark Ingram: 3 years, $15 million
    • Ravens where just plugging and playing in RB after RB last year.  They’ll finally have a true workhorse they can count on all year that have proven himself in the league. Based on the offense the Ravens run with with Lamar, Ingram will get the majority of the carries but it won’t be some 90/10 share. I would look for Ingram to get a 60/40 -70/30 split with carries.  More than what he got with Saints.
  • FS Earl Thomas: 4 years, $55 million
    • The Ravens lost a TON of talent on defense this year to free agency.  They also picked up arguably the best safety on the market.  Thomas will be the closest thing to Ed Reed the Ravens will ever have again.  If Thomas can stay healthy, this Ravens defense won’t miss a beat.
  • CB Justin Bethel: 2 years, $4 million
    • Again, this is another signing to sure up that defense who lost some guys.

Buffalo Bills

  • RB Frank Gore: 1 year, $2 million
    • Ahhh.. Frank Gore is 35. Lesean McCoy will be 31 at the start of the year. The Bills RBs are going to be 66 years old.  I love Frank Gore, glad he got paid again but holy shit does this guy love football. He’s moving to fucking BUFFALO after playing in Miami last year.  God bless him. I would expect the Bills to RB early in the draft, and now they’ll have a solid veteran and young guy to back up McCoy when he inevitably gets hurt.
  • WR John Brown: 3 years, $27 million
    • Bills need offense, they sign offense.  They also signed a great deep threat WR.  Brown was on pace last year for 1,000 yards with the Ravnes until they started running the ball almost every play.  This is great for Brown and the Josh Allen. Allen has a huge arm and Brown can run the 9 route better than almost anyone in the league.  He’ll immediately be the best WR on the Bills.
  • WR Cole Beasley: 4 years, $29 million
    • The Bills go their deep guy in Brown, a solid two year guy in Zay Jones, and now they got their slot guy in Beasley.  Beasley was solid for the Cowboys but disappeared a lot.  I think if used correctly, he can be a very good slot WR.
  • C Mitch Morse: 4 years, $44.5 million
    • As you can see, the Bills went heavy on offense.  This team spent a lot of money but nobody really thought they overpaid for anyone.  The Bills have a good, young QB and putting the pieces around him.  He already has an upgraded WR core, will have better RBs behind him, and now his O-Line gets upgraded.  Bills are doing all the right things.
  • TE Tyler Kroft: 3 years, $18.75 million

Carolina Panthers

  • OG Matt Pardis: 3 years, $27 million
    • Panthers lost Andrew Norwell to the Jaguars last year and they are hoping Pardis can help fill that void. Panthers love to run the ball and they need to keep Cam safe.
  • DE Bruce Irvin: 1 year, $4 million
    • Irvin helps with the pass rush that the Panthers need. They have had great defenses in the past but Thomas Davis is now gone over to LA with the Chargers and Julius Peppers retired. Don’t be surprised if you see Carolina go edge rusher in the draft.

Chicago Bears

  • WR Cordarrelle Patterson: 2 years, $10 million
    • If there’s anyone who can use Patterson in unique ways like the Pats did, it’s Matt Nagy. If Patterson doesn’t go to New England, his career is probably over. Nagy will try to expand on Pattersons unique skill set.
  • OT Bobby Massie: 5 years, $40 million
    • Massie comes from AZ to solidfy that OL for the Bears.
  • RB Mike Davis: 2 years, $6 million
    • This was a sign that Jordan Howards time could be up, and guess what? It was. Howard is now gone to Philly. I wouldn’t put it past the Bears to draft a RB early this year.
  • FS HaHa Clinton-Dix: 1 year, $3 million
    • Dix is here to replace Amos who left to go to the Packers. Listen, I think Dix is average at best and that’s exactly what he’s shown with the Packers and Redskins the past two years. BUT, if the Bears defense is remotely close to what they were last year, I think they can hide how bad Dix actually is. And if you ask any butt hurt Bears fans, Amos is trash as well. Oh well.
  • CB Buster Skrine: 3 years, $16.60 million
    • Another replacement guy here for Callahan who followed Vic Fangio to Denver. Skrine is a solid player.

Cincinnati Bengals

  • ILB Preston Brown: 3 years, $16.5 million
    • The Bengals just need guys. Brown is a solid player and will replace Vontaze Burfict. He’ll probably also not be as big of an asshole.

Cleveland Browns

  • RB Kareem Hunt: 1 year, $1 million
    • Hunt will be out the first 8 games of the year because of violence against women. On the field, he’ll come in as a spark plug to an offense that should have a 1,000 yard rusher in Nick Chubb, and two 1,000 yard receivers with OBJ and Landry.
  • OT Greg Robinson: 1 year, $7 million
    • Gotta sure up that OL who needs to protect franchise QB Bakery Mayfield. Browns are hoping he continues to play well like he did in New England.
  • DT Sheldon Richardson: 3 years, $37 million
    • Browns are loaded everywhere. Richardson was wanted in a lot of places. He’ll be their run stuffer in a division that loves to run the football.
  • TE Demetrius Harris: 2 years, $6 million

Dallas Cowboys

  • WR Randall Cobb: 1 year, $5 million
    • Sad few weeks for Packer fans.  Cobb has been a critical piece to the Packers offense, basically since he has been a rookie.  Him and Rodgers had a great friendship and it sucked to see him go, especially for the deal he signed in Dallas.  I think the Packers were ready to move on to younger players and give them a chance, versus having to keep playing Cobb because he’s older. It’s sad to see him go but I think it’s the right move.  For the Cowboys, the needed a slot guy after Beasley left.  I’ll take Cobb over Beasley, so I guess good for the Cowboys. Randall, Packers fans love you.

Denver Broncos

  • OT Ja’Wuan James: 4 year, $51 million
  • S Kareem Jackson: 3 years, $33 million
    • Denver plucks a very good safety from Houston to strengthen the back end of their defense.  They already have the front four, just need that back end to play better.
  • CB Bryce Callahan: 3 years, $21 million
    • Callahan is a big loss for the Bears defense, but he followed his old DC Vic Fangio to Denver to keep playing for him.  Callahan, along with Jackson are hoping to bring that Broncos secondary back to that elite level.

Detroit Lions

  • WR Danny Amendola: 1 year, $4.5 million
    • Part 1 of New England NFC. Not sure how much Amendola has left but the Lions do need a slot guy. Amendola is decent enough.
  • TE Jesse James: 4 years, $28.5 million
    • This is banking all on potential.  Everybody in fantasy football and Pittsburgh were waiting for JJ to break out, and he never did.  He had some solid games for the Steelers but never became that big time TE they thought he would.  We’ll see how this works out for the Lions but I’m not sure JJ was worth this type of contract.
  • DE Trey Flowers: 5 years, $90 million
    • New England North NFC part 2. Flowers had a phenomenal year for the Pats and earned his payday. The Lions need help everywhere and with Rodgers, Cousins, and an up and coming Bears offense they needed a guy to put pressure on the QB and they got it.

Green Bay Packers

zadarius smith.PNG
  • TE Mercedes Lewis (Re-Signed): 1 year, $2.1 million
    • Love this resigning by the Packers.  Jimmy Graham and Tonyan are not good blocking TE’s.  To be fair to Tonyan, we haven’t seen a lot of tape but that’s not what he’s known for.  Lewis is one of the best blocking TEs in the league and with LaFleur looking to run the ball more, Lewis is going to be a key piece to this Packers offense.
  • OLB Za’Darius Smith: 4 years, $66 million
  • OLB Preston Smith: 4 years, $52 million
  • FS Adrian Amos: 4 years, $36 million
  • OG Billy Turner: 4 years, $28 million

Houston Texans

  • CB Bradley Roby: 1 year, $10 million
    • Houston takes the Texans DB, so the Texans take the Broncos DB.  Texans also lost the Honey Badger to KC.  Texans need a lot of help in their secondary.

Indianapolis Colts

  • WR Devin Funchess: 1 year, $10 million
    • Colts needed WR help, so they signed a very shaky Funchess. Not sure he’s worth $10 million.
  • DE Justin Houston: 2 years, $24 million
    • Maybe one of the best signings of FA.  Houston comes over from the Chiefs and immediately upgrades the Colts DL.  The Colts played great on defense last year and the managed to keep both guys below that played well for them.  Now they add a premier pass rusher
  • FS Clayton Geathers (re-signing): 1 year, $2.75 million
  • CB Pierre Desir (re-signing): 3 years, $22.5 million

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • QB Nick Foles: 4-years $88 million
    • The big signing of free agency is right here. The Jags arguably should have won the AFC Championship two years again in Foxborough, and that was with Blake Bortles. Now they get the QB that beat the Patriots that year and almost made another miracle run this year. The good news here is that Foles is back again with John Defilippo who was his QB coach in Philly. However, Foles doesn’t have any weapons in Jacksonville like he did in Philly. He’ll have a horse of a RB in Leonard Fournette, but Fournette needs to stay healthy. He has a solid OL but no threat at WR or TE. Jacksonville has a great defense already, they just need some weapons. I am honestly surprised they haven’t made more moves on offense. I think they go WR or TE in the second round of the draft. Or maybe they move back in the first round this year to gather more picks. Either way, they paid a lot of money for a QB who has been average other than two remarkable runs the past two years.
  • ILB Jake Ryan: 2 years, $7.5 million

Kansas City Chiefs

  • RB Carlos Hyde: 1 year, $2.8 million
    • Need a solid backup for Damien Williams because who knows if he’s the guy. I think Chiefs draft another RB in rounds 3-4 this year.
  • FS Tyrann Mathieu: 3 years, $24 million
    • Lose Eric Berry and sign the Honey Badger. Not a bad signing. Mathieu comes over from a very good in Houston to help a secondary that was awful last year.
  • DE Alex Okafor: 3 years, $17.9 million
    • Chiefs lost Dee Ford and Justin Houston. They needed to find some kind of veteran pass rusher.
  • CB Bashaud Breeland: 1 year, $2 million
    • Mentioned this with Mathieu, their secondary was really bad. Breeland played well for the Packers in limited time last year so we’ll see if he can carry that on with the Chiefs. If so, they got a real steal here in a starting CB for only $2 million.

Los Angeles Chargers

  • QB Tyrod Taylor: 2-years $11 million
    • Chargers get a great backup for a team with an older QB. Taylor gets put in a great spot here.
  • DT Brandon Mebane: 2 year, $10.55 million (re-signing)
  • OLB Thomas Davis: 2 year, $10.55 million
    • Chargers also get one of the best veteran LBs in the league. They have guys like Bosa and Ingram in their front 7, they have Derwin James in the back, and now they get a leader in the LB room.
  • FS Adrian Phillips: 1 year, $2 million

Los Angeles Rams

  • QB Blake Bortles: 1-year $1 million
    • Good choice for Blake here.  It was reported he had a lot of other choices, even ones that would give him a shot at the starting gig. Blake decided to go with arguably the best QB coach in the league to learn and it’ll only help him in the future. If he looks good in any blowout games for the Rams this year, he’ll be fighting for a starting job somewhere in 2020.
  • FS Eric Weddle: 2 years, $10.50 million
    • Rams lost their S so they get one of the best in the league. I love Eric Weddle and think he’s a great fit here. The Rams are loaded with play makers on every level of this defense.
  • OLB Clay Matthews: 2 years, $9.25 million
    • Last year in Green Bay he was asked to do everything, with the Rams he’ll be asked to do much less. He’ll be able to play off Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, and Dante Fowler JR. Also, Wade Phillips will put him in the right positions.
    • As far as Matthews leaving the Packers goes, I think with Cobb and Jordy it was just time. Could the Packers have resigned him for a contract like this? I’m sure they could have worked it out, but it was clear the Packers wanted to get younger at OLB and Matthews was okay with leaving, especially back home. Matthews was phenomenal for the Packers from day one and one of my favorite guys to don the green and yellow. He could have been the defensive player of year a few times, and he made one of the biggest plays in Super Bowl history when he forced a fumble against the Steelers on the opening play of the 4th quarter. I loved Clay and always will, hopefully we see him in January next year.

Miami Dolphins

  • QB Ryan Fitzpatrick: 2-year, $11 million
    • Miami is in total rebuild mode and Fitzpatrick will be the starter here for the next two years.  I’m not sure the Dolphins draft a QB this year in the 1st round, but I could see a 3rd round or later flyer on a guy with some potential.  I’d look for them to try be in the running for Tua next year.
  • TE Dwayne Allen: 2 years, $6.5 million
    • He’ll play but I’m not sure how effective he’ll be. Allen has always been more a receiving TE and failed to live up to those expectations with the Colts.
  • CB Eric Rowe: 1 year, $3.5 million

Minnesota Vikings

  • OLB Anthony Barr (Re-Signing): 5 years, $67.5 million
    • Who cares. Overrated.
  • OG Josh Kline: 3 years, $15.5 million
  • DT Shamar Stephen: 3 years, $12.45 million
    • Replacement for losing Sheldon Richardson to the Browns.

New England Patriots

  • CB Jason McCourty (Re-Signing): 2 years, $10 million
  • DE Mike Pennel: 2 years, $5 million

New Orleans Saints

  • RB Latavius Murray: 4 year, $14 million
    • Saints replace one big bruising RB to compliment Kamara with another.  Murray is a VERY solid RB2 and he’ll thrive here with Brees and the Saints.
  • TE Jared Cook: 2 years, $15.5 million
    • LOVE this signing. Cook is going to thrive here. He’s got a lot of good football left and I think he’ll get used here like he did in Green Bay during their run to the NFC Championship game.
  • C Nick Easton: 4 years, $22.5 million
    • Saints love to run the ball and need to protect an old QB.
  • DT Malcom Brown: 3 years, $15 million
  • QB Teddy Bridgewater: 1 year, $3.25 million
    • QB of the future for them.

New York Giants

  • WR Golden Tate: 4 years, $37.5 million
    • The Giants replace a game changing, down the field WR with a copy cat of a guy they have now in Sterling Shepard.  The Giants have absolutely no downfield threats and Golden Tate got PAID.  Not sure what the Giants are thinking here, Tate is a very good WR but it’s hard to see how him, Shepard, and TE Evan Ingram are all going to share the 10 yard targets.
  • FS Antonie Bethea: 2 years, $6.5 million

New York Jets

  • RB Le’Veon Bell: 4 year, $52.5 million
    • This could also be the biggest signing of the offseason, more so than Foles. Bell took his year off and it didn’t get him paid more, he actually lost money. Also, I didn’t listen to this rap son but I guess its really bad which doesn’t surprise me at all. The Jets want Bell to be the workhorse for this team, and take pressure off of Sam Darnold. In Pittsburgh, Bell had Big Ben and Antonio Brown to take the pressure off of him, he won’t have that year. Defenses are going to stack the box against the Jets so its going to be up to Darnold and HC Adam Gase to take the pressure off of Bell. Right now, the Jets just don’t have the weapons out side to do that. Bell will be an impact player, just don’t expect the production he got in Pittsburgh.
  • WR Jamison Crowder: 3 years, $28.5 million
    • Crowder if healthy is one of the best slot guys in the league. This is sneaky one of the best signings in the offseason.
  • ILB C.J. Mosley: 5 years, $85 million
    • Mosley is a fucking animal. He will solidify that front seven for the Jets. The Jets have Jamal Adams on the back end who is great, but Mosley will immediately become the leader of this defense. It seems crazy to say, but even with the signing the Jets needs more help on defense then offense, by a good sized margin.

Oakland Raiders

  • WR Tyrell Williams: 4 year, $44.3 million
    • Tyrell Williams will get a lot more looks in Oakland next to Antonio Brown. Williams is a great deep threat receiver and had some games for the Chargers where he really stood out. He never really was consistent for them because he really runs one route, a go route. This is a big contract for a guy that hasn’t played up to it in the past. The Raiders are looking for him to be a solid #2 guy and get close to that 1,000 yards receiving mark.
  • OT Trent Brown: 4 year, $66 million
    • Trent Brown was a 7th round pick for the 49ers. He played alright there, but then he went to the Patriots and in the perfect situation he played great. That has gotten him a $66 million dollar contract. Is he going to be as good as he was with the Patriots? Hell no. But the Raiders need help all over so hopefully he is good enough to hold up at LT for the Raiders.
  • FS LaMarcus Joyner: 4 years, $42 million
    • Joyner is coming over from the Rams. He played well for the Rams and was in that big mix of free agent safeties that were going to get paid.
  • OLB Vontaze Burfict: 1 year, $2 million
    • This guy is a P.O.S but the Raiders got him on the cheap. I mean he’s a solid player but he’s bound to fuck up at some point this year.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • DT Malik Jackson: 3 years, $30 million
    • Philadelphia’s D-Line is absolutely nasty. Malik Jackson is a big ole boy that can cause some serious disruption. Alongside Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Chris Long, Derek Barnett, and Vinny Curry – the Eagles have on paper the best D-line in the league.
  • DE Vinny Curry: 1 year, $2.25 million
    • See above.
  • SS Andrew Sendejo: 1 year, $1.3 million
    • This is a depth play here. Philly has two starting safeties already but they’re getting a solid backup here for cheap.

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • WR Donte Moncrief: 2 years, $9 million
    • I love this signing.  Moncrief has been good when he’s healthy, and has a solid QB throwing to him.  At only 25 he still has a lot of football left in him. After losing AB, the Steelers will try to replace his production with two guys: Moncrief and second year guy James Washington. I think Moncrief will do very well with Big Ben.
  • CB Steven Nelson: 3 years, $25.5 million
  • ILB Mark Barron:  2 years, $12 million
    • Mark Barron is a converted safety to ILB that can really move. Ever since Ryan Shazier gut injured, the Steelers have lacked a ILB that can really move and stay on the field all three downs. Barron is not nearly as good as Shazier but he’ll be able to fill that hole much better than anybody the Steelers currently have on roster. I really like this signing for them.

San Francisco 49ers

  • RB Tevin Coleman: 2 years, $8.5 million
    • This was expected as Kyle Shanahan was in ATL for some of Coleman’s best years. Coleman now joins the same backfield as Jerick McKinnon. It’ll be interesting to see who gets the nod as the starter. Personally I think McKinnon got a big contract on one decent year, Coleman on the other hand has shined multiple years behind Freeman in ATL. I think Coleman will end up winning the starting gig – but it will be a big time share.
  • CB Jason Verrett: 1 year, $3 million
    • Niners get more CB depth here. Verrett has dealt with injuries the past few years, but if he comes back to form he is a pro bowl corner. Having a healthy Richard Sherman and Jason Verrett? Pretty good 1-2 punch at CB for the Niners.

Seattle Seahawks

  • K Jason Myers: 4 years, $15.45 million
    • Woah. Kicker, getting paid?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • S Kentrell Brice: 1 year, $1 million
    • Thank you, Tampa Bay. Please play with Brice and Conte on the field at the same time.

Tennessee Titans

  • WR Adam Humphries: 4 years, $36 million
    • Solid signing here for the Titans. Humphries was the most sought after slot guy this year. The Titans and Mariota haven’t had a guy like this in a long time. I believe Corey Davis can really be a #1 receiver in the NFL, Humphries will help take some pressure off of Davis and be a safety outlet for Mariota.
  • OG Rodger Safford: 4 years, $44 million
    • More OL help for a team that wants to pound the ball with Derrick Henry. Also helps protect Mariota who seems to get injured every year.
  • SS Kenny Vaccaro (re-signing): 4 years, $24 million
    • This is a re-signing but Vaccaro played well with the Titans last year. There was some thoughts that he could leave but decided to stick with a team he plays well with.
  • DE Cameron Wake: 3 years, $23 million
    • He may be older but he can still rush the passer. The Titans were 16th in sacks last year but in a division with Andrew Luck, Deshaun Watson, and Nick Foles they’ll need more help to put pressure on the QB.

Washington Redskins

  • FS Landon Collins: 6 years, $84 million
    • Collins just got butt loads of money. I really liked him for the Packers but not for $84 million dollars. Apparently Collins always wanted to play for the Redskins because of Sean Taylor. Not a bad reason to want to play for somebody, but he won’t see the playoffs during this contract barring some type of miracle season for the Redskins. He’s an upgrade form Clinton-Dix, that’s for sure and be a good addition to a pretty good defense. I just think the Redskins paid far too much for this guy.
  • OT Ereck Flowers: 1 year, $3.25 million
    • Well, he’ll be good eventually right? Get a first round pick for cheap, the Redskins are hoping they’re the team that can bring out his potential.
  • RB Adrian Peterson (Re-Signing): 2 years, $5.03 million
    • Remarkable what he did last year and he’s still going strong. If things go right for the Redskins, Peterson will serve as more of a backup to Derrius Guice who was a high pick for the Redskins last year and everyone thought he’d be the starter for them.

Top Free Agents Still Available

Expect these guys to sign well after the draft, closer to training camp.

  • Ndamukong Suh, DT (Rams)
  • Ziggy Ansah, EDGE (Lions)
  • Zach Brown, LB (Redskins)
  • Morris Claiborne, CB (Jets)
  • Jamie Collins, LB (Browns)
  • Jay Ajayi, RB (Eagles)
  • Corey Liuget, DT (Chargers)
  • Michael Crabtree, WR (Ravens)
  • Kelvin Benjamin, WR (Bills)
  • T.J. Yeldon, RB (Jaguars)
  • Muhammed Wilkerson, DL (Packers)
  • Glover Quin, S (Lions)
  • Shane Ray, EDGE (Broncos)
  • Eric Berry, S (Chiefs)
  • Derrik Morgan, EDGE (Titans)
  • Nick Perry, EDGE (Packers)
  • Benson Mayowa, EDGE (Cardinals)
  • Brett Urban, DL (Ravens)
  • Sam Bradford, QB (Cardinals)

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