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NCAA National Championship Preview

The 2019 National Championship is set with #1 Virginia taking on #3 Texas Tech.

The 2019 National Championship is set with #1 Virginia taking on #3 Texas Tech.

Texas Tech got here by soundly beating the favorite in Michigan St. While Virginia got another miracle win, after a missed a call, and a final whistle on the three point attempt by Kyle Guy.

So tonight we have what is the lowest point total ever for a championship game at 118 points with Virginia currently being favored by 1 point.

What I would like to look at in this game is the play of the two sure fire NBA guys that each team has. Texas Tech boasts Jarrett Culver, and Virginia has De’Andre Hunter. Both guys will have to show up big time if they want their teams to prevail. Most of the time, that means scoring a lot of points but for this game, playing big encompasses every part of their game. Defense, rebounding, scoring, and smart basketball plays. Hunter I think will have to have the bigger game for Virginia.

Hunter is at 6’7 and will need to be big on the boards. Texas Tech boasts 6’10 Tariq Owens who was been an absolute beasts during this run. Yes Virginia does have big guys, but they are not even close to as athletic as Owens. That leads me to think Hunter will have to play big and be a beast on the boards for the Cavaliers along with Kyle Guy and Ty Jerome.

The other x-factor here I like is the 3 point shot and getting hard shots to fall. You’re probably saying, “no shit pal.” But this game those kinds of buckets will be more important than any one before. I compare this game a lot to the Texas Tech/Michigan game. Virginia has a defense that rivals Texas Tech’s, much like Michigan did. The difference in the Texas Tech/Michigan game? 3 pointers made, and those tough buckets. Texas Tech made 6 threes that game, Michigan only made one. Texas Tech also made a handful of tough shots EARLY that got their confidence up in the second half.

I don’t see Virginia shooting as poorly as Michigan. I also see Virginia as a tougher team that will be able to make the tough and open shots more so then Michigan.

I’ll take Virginia to win the national championship tonight. After what happened to them last year, and the two wins they’ve had against Purdue and Auburn – it was just meant to be. Tony Bennett, Kyle Guy, and the Cavaliers get it done against Texas Tech, 65-63.

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