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March 29th 2019 has been a Toe Tapper release day for the ages.

If you don’t know, Friday is the day all new music is released. Usually we get a few singles to check out, one or two albums and maybe out of all those things one of them is a good listen.

However, March 29th 2019 has been a Toe Tapper release day for the ages. First off, Midland, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton have all released new singles. Midland of course sounds country, but so do Bryans and Sheltons. Wonderful. Then on top of that, George Strait released his new album Honky Tonk Time Machine and Jake Owen released his new album, Greetings From… Jake Owen. This might be my favorite album from Owen, could be knee jerk reaction but I don’t care.

It’s only fitting that we highlight some of these tunes because a few of them will be on the list of best toe tappers released in 2019.

I enjoy this music video

Top 5 Toe Tappers Released in 2019 as of 3/29 (rankings subject to change after more listens)

  1. Midland – Mr Lonely
  2. Jake Owen – Ain’t Here to Talk
  3. George Strait – Blue Water
  4. Jon Langston – Dance Tonight
  5. Adam Yarger – What a Way To Go

And because this is a sports blog, here’s a few of the best toe taps from the NFL. Just a toe tappin’ today.

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