Opening Day 2019 – AL Season Predictions

The Twins made some great moves this offseason adding Nelson Cruz and Marwin Gonzalez. I also think Schoop will return to form in a solidified 2B starting role

Here are the American League predictions. Sadly the AL really lacks the parity of the NL this year. Click here to read the NL Predictions

AL East 

Another year, another battle between the Yankees and Red Sox for the division. 2nd place gets the wild card and somehow the Rays win 90 games (what).

  1. New York Yankees – This lineup and this rotation are simply ridiculous. Can they get the starting pitching to take them over the Red Sox, even with Severino out to start the year? I say yes.
  2. Boston Red Sox (WC) – Defending champs will be a run scoring monster this year. They barely lose out the Yankees for the division, but at the end of the it is just one more win in the wild card for whoever gets second. These are two of the best three teams in the American League.
  3. Tampa Bay Rays – This is a very average team in a division of two of the best in the league and two of the worst. They slot in nicely in between with a 80-83 win season.
  4. Toronto Blue Jays – Its Vladdy time! Starting the year on the shelf, when he gets into the lineup it’ll be time to watch the Jays. Nothing much else to see from the Jays this year.
  5. Baltimore Orioles – Is this the worst MLB team of all time? It’s possible.

AL Central 

  1. Minnesota Twins – The Twins made some great moves this offseason adding Nelson Cruz and Marwin Gonzalez. I also think Schoop will return to form in a solidified 2B starting role. Their rotation and bullpen are good enough to get the crown of this very weak division.
  2. Cleveland Indians – What is known to be a great team is lacking depth. Offensively I just don’t see them scoring enough runs to overtake the Twins. Lindor and Ramirez are enough to make this team plenty fun to watch, not to mention some great starting pitching.
  3. Detroit Tigers – The Tigers will not be good, but they will not be as bad as the next two teams in this division. They are painfully average in every phase of their roster.
  4. Chicago White Sox – It’s actually an exciting time for the White Sox with the extension of Eloy Jimenez and the young players they are ready to bring into the fold. Unfortunately their competitive window doesn’t open for a couple of years.
  5. Kansas City Royals – The Royals don’t have anything on their roster that has me thinking they win 70 games. Major rebuild in Kansas City.

AL West 

  1. Houston Astros – Yankees, Red Sox, Astros. Pick those three in any order. The best teams in baseball. This year should be no different. Who would have thought picking up Verlander’s contract would lead to a 2 year 66 million dollar extension? Winning does those kind of things.
  2. Los Angeles Angles (WC) – This is the year they make the postseason. They are going to need good seasons out of Matt Harvey and Trevor Cahill and I think they will get those. They shouldn’t have any issues scoring runs and also should be able to rack up wins against Texas and Seattle to get their wild card spot.
  3. Oakland Athletics – It always seems the Oakland A’s find a way to put together a pretty competitive season. Last year was a bit of a fluke though, they return to about .500 ball.
  4. Seattle Mariners – What exactly are the Mariners trying to do? Breaking their postseason slump doesn’t appear to be it. After their off-season moves, they fall back a bit to 4th in this division.
  5. Texas Rangers – Texas is loaded with power hitting. That’s about it. Their rotation is filled with veteran pitchers that haven’t really been good in years. This year will be a major struggle for Texas.

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