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More Info on the New NFL Rules & Andy Reid in a Hawaiian Shirt

Teams can now elect to enforce personal or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties after a touchdown on the succeeding conversion attempt, or on the kickoff.

The other day I wrote in depth about the new Pass Interference rule the NFL passed but because that one got a little long winded, I wasn’t able to touch on all the other new rules. So here we’ll look at the other new rules that passed, and some of the ones that didn’t pass.

BUT FIRST.  I wanted to finish some thoughts on the PI rules because I’ve heard/read some other takes on it that I think are important to bring up. Here’s one view I hadn’t thought of from Warren Sharp.

He brings up a very good point here.  How many times do we watch a hail mary at the end of the game and go “there’s obvious PI right there.” How many times at the end of the half will this happen?  Any half or game that ends with a hail mary, the teams will have to sit out on the field on wait for the replay officials to make a judgement call on the replay.  Are we going to see teams have to go into the locker room, then have to come back out?  As a Packers fan the most obvious example I can think of is the hail mary Rodgers threw in the playoffs against the Giants, which with this rule would have actually gone against the Packers because Randall Cobb clearly pushes off here.

I think this rule is very good, but there are ways this is going to get exploited and it will piss fans off, and turn casual fans off to tuning in on Sunday’s.  The NFL does not want to lose viewership because of poor officiating, or overly long games. Alright lets look at the other rule changes in place.

Teams can now elect to enforce personal or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties after a touchdown on the succeeding conversion attempt, or on the kickoff.

Currently an extra point field goal is 33 yards.  Guys miss that all the time.  Now imagine your team scores, and a guy does a little more celebrating than he should.  Or running into the end-zone he taunts the defense.  15 yard penalty.  In the past, that would be assessed on the kickoff.  Now coaches have the choice to enforce that on the conversion.  That means, an extra point could now be a 48 yards field goal.  As a coach, you have to choose that.  You HAVE too.  Not only was this a great rule change in general, for the NFL it might cut down on the celebrating they tried to get out of the league in the past.  The No Fun League is back and more annoying than ever.  But I love this rule. Bring on some dumb WR getting a penalty, making his kicker hit a 48 yard extra point, and then the team losing.  I can’t wait.

A blindside block is now a foul if a player blocks another player when he is moving toward or parallel to his own end line, and make forcible contact to his opponent with his helmet, forearm, or shoulder. This contact can be made inside the tackle box bit it still subject to the crack-back or peel back block penalties. 

So I get it, the NFL is trying to cut down on concussions and according to the NFL one third of all concussions on punts happen on blindside blocks.  I get it, I get it, but I don’t like it.  I’m not sure what the offensive guy is supposed to do now in these type of situations.  Just stand in the way and risk his chances of getting hurt?  I guess guys can just run in front of the defender to slow him up?  The tweet below from the NFL shows examples of what they are talking about. They are taking safety precautions but this will be another rule that’s going to take weeks for guys to adjust too.

The NFL can now review any turnover, or TD that was negated by a penalty and any conversion attempt. 

I believe I touched on this briefly but this is also a rule that will extend games but get things right in the long run.  Happens countless times every year, a huge TD or turnover is called back because of penalty.  We get a look at the replay and see an awful call.  Many times those plays are not as scrutinized as others for some reason.  Now not all these in the video below are bad calls but these are the types of plays that would be able to be reviewed, no matter the penalty.  Plus it’s football and I miss football.

There were some rule changes that didn’t get passed however, ones that will probably keep coming up after every year. Two of these, are taken from the AAF actually.

  • The Sky Judge: the rule was proposed to have a ref in booth to review every play and be able to buzz down to the on field ref to stop play and review the previous play. This would seem like a smart thing because 1. obviously, and 2. it would help replays go quicker instead of the on field ref looking at a 12 inch monitor for 5 minutes trying to decide on a call that should take 30 seconds.
  • The Chiefs proposed to have both teams gain possession in OT no matter what. Packers fans have felt this heartbreak multiple times. Getting scored on in OT without Rodgers even touching the ball. I like this rule for the playoffs. I know its on the defense to stop the other team, but then how come the opposing defense doesn’t have to stop our offense. I think for length reasons the regular season rules should stick. But not matter what happens in the postseason, give both teams a chance and if they both score TDs, then go to sudden death.
    • Or just go to a whole new OT like college football does but start with the ball on the 35 or something.
  • The Broncos proposed the AAF’s onside kick rule. Instead of doing an onside kick, which is now impossible with the new kickoff rules put into place in 2018, you would get a 4th and 15 play from your own 35 yard line. I like this idea also, only for late game situations. In the AAF they can do this at anytime. The only reason I like this, is because of the kickoff changes, its nearly impossible to recover one now.
  • The last one is actually what eventually became the Pass Interference rule. The initial proposal was to have any “judgement” penalties, like roughing the passer, be review-able. That was shot down until they modified it to just PI. Again, if the PI rules goes over well don’t be surprised if roughing the passer and other judgement calls are then added in 2020.

And now, Andy Reid in a Hawaiian shirt.

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