What to Look For at the NFL Combine

16. Kickers and Punters that nobody cares about. 

  1. Coach speak.

2. GM Talk.

3. Guys who are taller than we thought and overreactions.

4. Guys who are heavier/lighter than we thought and people freak out even though they won’t stay at that same weight the rest of their lives.

5. Fast guys.

6. Slow guys.

7. QBs who aren’t accurate without pads, defenders, or pressure but will still be drafted.

8. Guys you can jump really high.

9. A random guy whose tape is horrible but he puts up great combine numbers so he gets drafted in the high.

10. White guys who are way faster than they should be that surprise the shit out of Deion Sanders.

11. Big dudes running fast.

12. Overreaction to every player whether its good or bad but really this doesn’t matter much because what matters is what happens when guys put on pads.

13. WRs dropping passes and getting yelled at.

14. Rich Eisen running his annual 40 yard dash for charity.

15. Strong guys.

16. Kickers and Punters that nobody cares about.

17. Discussion on guys who don’t do certain events and if it will hurt their stock or not.


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