Everybody is Losing Their Marbles Over Zion Williamson’s Injury

Duke has five games left and the ACC tournament to figure their shit out without Zion, or else they're getting bounced in the 1st weekend of the tournament. 

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Everybody and their grandmas came out on twitter last night after Zion Williamson got hurt to voice their opinion on how college players need to get paid. People were upset, angry at the NCAA, in disbelief that a game in which a tickets costs $3,000 grand that none of these players got any of that money.  Now listen, I’m all for college players get paid their dues for the money they bring into their school and the NCAA.  It’s long overdue and these guys get nothing for it.  I don’t wanna hear about “well they get a free education.”  Yeah, some of these guys do but Zion Williamson is not getting a free education because he doesn’t fucking need it. Secondly, your paying a guy like $40,000 in a scholarship where he can’t use that money elsewhere to buy food, clothes, or anything else a college kid would like.  Third, that $40,000 scholarship for a guy whose bringing in millions and millions of dollars doesn’t seem like the right trade off.  Oh, and don’t forget his coach is getting paid millions of dollars. Maybe to a certain extent people show up to watch Coach K and Roy Williams, but 99% of people are there to watch the players on the court.

Anyway, in usual American fashion it takes some sort of tragedy or crazy event for everyone to come out of the wood work and support a cause.  This will get talked about for the weeks to come and then in May nobody will care whether college kids get paid or not until some potential 1st round pick in the NFL draft gets hurt during the college football season. So lets look at the best of the best Zion Willamson twitter last night about being butt-hurt that a guy whose still gonna be the 1st pick, who has a 8 million dollar significant injury insurance policy that DUKE PAID FOR HIM if he slips past #16 in the draft, suffered a mild knee sprain last night.

P.S.: ESPN is going to be even more insufferable now.

I actually love this idea.  1st time for everything.

Hard agree.  If a guy can get drafted, let him.

Grayson Allen can fuck right off.

What the hell is Biff talking about? Typical Duke fan being a cry baby.  This guy is probably from New Mexico.

I need Zion to not play again.  I need Duke to get smoked in the 2nd round so all the Duke fans can bitch and moan about how the would have won the national championship with Zion.

And in the next tweet we start queuing up the excuses.  Never-mind the fact that you are DUKE, you have the best coach of all time in Coach K, and you still have 2 of the top 5 picks in the draft along with another 1st rounder, and probably a few other high recruited guys on your bench.  But forget about all that because of Zion.


Second best tweet of the night.

Here’s the best tweet of the night, get well soon Zion National Park.

So besides all of the Zion shit that happened, Duke got manhandled.  They looked like they didn’t know how to play basketball and were just out there like a bunch of cats chasing a ball of yarn.  This injury happened 33 seconds into the game.  I understand losing your best player is a shock to the system, but this didn’t happen in the second half, it didn’t happen with 7 minutes left in the first half, it happened less than a minute into the game.

Duke, as I said above, still has two of the top five picks, another 1st rounder, and countless other talent on their bench because they are Duke. AND they also have Coach K who is the best coach of all team.  This team looked completely fucking lost at home, along with their fans who were going nuts when they were down 20 with like 5 minutes left. Duke has five games left and the ACC tournament to figure their shit out without Zion, or else they’re getting bounced in the 1st weekend of the tournament.


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