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All of these situations don't matter if the Steelers do decide to just cut then guy.  Then its a free for all.  But then the Steelers would risk a team like the Patriots getting him on a one or two year deal and going for that 7th Super Bowl.  

As you’ve all probably seen already it looks like Antonio Brown has officially asked for a trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was a long time coming since the end of the year, and we’ll see what the Steelers do.  It’s hard seeing them not trading him and trying to work something out with him, I’m going to assume that’s what they’ve been doing since the end of the year.  It’s also important to note the information Field Yates gives us here.

If the Steelers can trade him within the month, they can save a little over two million dollars.  Now for NFL Salary Cap that might not be too much, but it’s still two million dollars they can invest elsewhere.  So again, I think there are going to be teams who are aggressive in getting him within this month.  So what teams would trade for Brown?  Those teams that might be thinking of taking a WR in the 1st round this year or are desperate for one. Let’s take a look at some of those teams that have been rumored and a maybe some I think are possibilities. I don’t think the Steelers are going to trade Brown for anything less than at least a 1st round pick involved.  It might take a 1st and another pick, or multiple 2nd round picks.

I do not care that Brown is 31 years old, he has shown no signs of slowing down and has been arguably the best WR in the league for the past 5-6 years. So while we are looking at this, lets forget about this off-field issues (because these teams will), and forget about this attitude (because these teams will) when looking at where he could end up.

  1. San Francisco 49ers (2019 2nd overall pick, 36th overall pick, 2020 1st round pick)

The 49ers have been the team rumored for Brown since this whole thing started.  George Kittle tweeted at Antonio Brown and Brown liked it.  It makes sense, the 49ers have no WR threats at all and will no doubt try to address that in free agency.  The 49ers will not give up that 2nd overall pick for Brown, however they could package that 36th overall pick and another player on their team, or see if the Steelers will take the 2020 1st round pick. You pair Brown with Jimmy Garoppolo and George Kittle, pretty explosive passing offense.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (25th & 57th overall pick)

Apparently this is a rumor going around because the Eagles haven’t resigned Golden Tate yet and the tweet below.

Wow. Lots there. Anyway, if the Eagles wanted to get Brown they might have to give up that 25th overall pick and I am not sure if that is worth it for the Eagles.  Do they need a WR that badly?  Are they targeting a WR with that pick?  I kind of doubt that.  However, maybe we see some kind of sign and trade?  Eagles resign Golden Tate and send him to Pittsburgh along with that second round pick?  Doubtful.

3. Indianapolis Colts (26th, 34th, 59th overall picks)

The Colts have a butt load of money to take the cap hit Brown would have on them.  Although the Colts have T.Y. Hilton and Eric Ebron came on this year for them, they really have to receiving threats after that. Brown and T.Y. would be downright scary for defenses along with Andrew Luck and that improved run game.  Remember, the Colts lost that playoff game not because of their defense but because of their offense.  Brown provides an immediate upgrade.  However, after what the Colts went through under Ryan Grigson, I am not sure Chris Ballard wants to bring an attitude like Brown into the building.

4. New York Jets (3rd overall pick)

The Jets are interesting because they don’t have much draft capital to offer the Steelers and that #3 pick is not worth it for Brown. So the only way I think the Jets get Brown is if they offer next years 1st rounder plus another pick from this year, or Brown does actually get cut and they give him the best offer. Brown on the jets would be interesting though.  Adam Gase dealt with Jarvis Landry in Miami and then dealt him to Cleveland.  I am not sure how those two would mesh.  Brown in the New York media would be fucking gold, him and OBJ would probably have Instagram photo shoots weekly.  From an NFL perspective, Robbie Anderson is a solid number 2 guy that can take the top off the defense.  Brown would be a good compliment to him.

5. Buffalo Bills (9th & 40th overall picks)

I mean the Bills have needed offensive help since the mid 1990’s.  They have nobody for Josh Allen to throw the ball too, LeSean McCoy is at the end of his career, they need some fucking help.  The Bills could offer that 40th overall pick for a quick spark and the people in Buffalo would love Brown.  They show up for games there now, they’re definitely gonna pack the stadium to see Brown play with Josh Allen.

How would Brown like this?  He would probably hate it because the Bills aren’t going to win a damn thing while Brady and Belichick are still in New England.  I say it’d take till week 9 before Brown realizes he’s not on a winning team and throws a temper tantrum.

6. Oakland Raiders (4th, 24th, 27th, & 35th overall picks)

I really don’t know how the Raiders are not mentioned more.  They have the draft capital to trade for Brown, they desperately need a WR to help out Carr, and Brown I’m sure would love to play in Las Vegas in two years.  Do the Raiders want to spend a draft pick on a guy who will only be there for 4 years at most though?  The Raiders have a full rebuild in front of them and do you really want to trade for a 31 year old WR?   If I were them, and you think you can handle him, yes you do.

7. Green Bay Packers (12th & 30th overall picks)

Lots of people have talked about the Packers because, 1. they have two first round picks and 2. many mock drafts have them taking a WR.  As a Packer blog, I had to put them in here even though I don’t think this has any chance of happening.  Just to entertain, the Packers would have to give up that 30th overall pick and then they would have the best WR in the NFL in Davante Adams and Antonio Brown.  Brown with Rodgers? That’s scary.  I don’t think this happens, I think the Packers like MVS and ESQ and will resign Genronimo Allison, and then draft a guy in the second or third round.


  • All of these situations don’t matter if the Steelers do decide to just cut then guy.  Then its a free for all.  But then the Steelers would risk a team like the Patriots getting him on a one or two year deal and going for that 7th Super Bowl.
  • Odds Shark tweet below has the odds for where Brown will be playing Week 1 in 2019

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