Hangover Monday: Championship Weekend & College Basketball

I disagree, if Tom Brady didn't get a chance to have the ball in OT, Patriot fans would be fucking unbearable and so would a lot of media. 

This was the best NFL Championship game weekend of all time. You have to go back to 2011 to find another weekend were both AFC and NFC championship games were both decided by one possession, the Patriots beat the Ravens 23-20 and the Giants beat the 49ers 20-17 in overtime that year.

I am going to assume many people didn’t think the Rams/Saints could be topped, well we were all wrong because this Patriots/Chiefs game was fucking wild – especially that 4th quarter.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are going to their 9th super bowl in 19 years.  What a fucking accomplishment.  I am one who says the Patriots have gotten some cake walks to the AFC Championship before, there are some years where they don’t even have to play a Super Bowl caliber team before getting there.  This year is different, the Chargers and Chiefs were both Super Bowl caliber teams and the Patriots managed to beat them both with great fucking game plans and a bit of luck.

The first half of this game was all Patriots, and you just knew the Chiefs offense wasn’t going to stay dormant all game.  It was just a matter if the game would be out of hand by the time they woke up.  Well we had one of the great second halves in a post season football game I can ever remember and the 4th quarter was remarkable.

The Patriots game planned the shit out of these last two games. Against the Chiefs they took Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce out of the game completely. Hill had one catch for 42 yards on 3 targets while Kelce had 3 catches for 23 yards on five targets. Belichick went in saying if the Chiefs were going to win, Mahomes would have to go to guys like Sammy Watkins and Damien Williams.  Well the Chiefs almost pulled it off without their two best offensive weapons doing anything.

The Patriots again came out with a run first attack.  In my preview I mentioned the weakness of the Chiefs rush defense right up the middle.  The Patriots exploited that all game.  Sony Michel ran for another 100 yards and Rex Burkhead had himself a fucking game. They used Gronk as that “6th” offensive linemen quite a bit and just manhandled the Chiefs up front. Gronk also came up huge as a pass catcher and looked like the old Gronk out there.  Just strong manning guys, running over dudes, stumbling and bumbling for 10 yards at a time.  Brady went to him during the two of the biggest 3rd downs in the game.

The real MVP for the Patriots however is their offensive line.  Brady hasn’t been touched during the playoffs against two good pass rushing defensive lines.  Well actually, he was touched one in this game, he got slapped on the shoulder which was called “roughing the QB.” That call was a fucking joke.  I love what Gene Steratore said on the broadcast, although the motion of the arms looked like it hit his head, as a ref you have to actually see the contact if your going to call that.

For the Chiefs, Dee Ford has to feel sick.  Brady threw his 3rd pick of the night on the final drive and the Chiefs had won.  But Dee Ford had to lineup off-sides, not even jump offside but he just straight up lined up in the neutral zone.  A mental mistake that cost the Chiefs.

I love the way Pat Mahomes played, he proved the moment was not too big for him.  He had the game tying drive where he led them down the field with only 38 seconds left and one T.O. The Chiefs are gonna be here to stay for awhile and really, their defense can’t get any worse right?

So here we are again.  Tom Brady is onto his 9th Super Bowl after a game where he played poorly for his standards for a good portion of that game. Belichick and that supporting cast kept the Pats in the game for just long enough for Tom Brady to be Tom Brady.  He played his best during the overtime and the Chiefs got no shot to win.

The hot thing to talk about now is the Overtime rules.  My views on it have been the same for awhile, give both teams a chance to posses the ball. I’ve heard the take that if the Chiefs got the ball and scored this wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  I disagree, if Tom Brady didn’t get a chance to have the ball in OT, Patriot fans would be fucking unbearable and so would a lot of media.  Brady would deserve that shot as did Mahomes yesterday. Keep the rules the same for regular season game but make a switch for the postseason. Each defense and offense should get the chance to win the game for their team.

Alright, well this game is all about the missed penalty that was fucking outrageous.  The Saints should be in the Super Bowl and I don’t want to hear “well the Saints could have done this and that earlier,” “Sean Payton needs better play calling and time management.”  No, that call was not the only thing that lost them this game.  However, up to that point, the Saints did what they needed to do to win the game.  The NFL Refs completely missed an fucking obvious call with multiple infractions that would have won the game of the Saints then and there.  Say what you want about what happened before or after, but in that moment the Saints should have won the game and a blatant flag the refs missed.

So, what is the NFL going to do about the flag.  Well, Gooddell will probably come out and admit the call was missed during his Super Bowl media time and come up with some excuse how his hands are tied.  What people need to ask, is what is he going to do to punish officials that fuck up.  Players get fined constantly for wearing the wrong type of shoes, and other stupid shit all the time.  The refs are consistently screwing up big time during games, they have been awful all year. They need to be reprimanded for their fuck ups just like players with fines and suspensions.  These things also need to be made public.

Now that we got that out of the way.  Greg the Leg could have made an 80 yard GW winning field goal yesterday.  Dudes leg is insane and he’s got some ice cold veins.

Jared Goff proved some haters wrong during the 4th quarter and OT with some great throws under pressure and C.J. Anderson still looks like a water buffalo out there.

For the Saints, this almost feels like the end for them after last years loss and this years.  Drew Brees’ arm looked old out there, it looks like Sean Payton is calling plays to hide that fact.  I think Brees will be back next year, but I am not sure how afraid teams will be of Brees throwing the ball until he proves it multiple weeks in a row. I don’t know of any team that has had that bad back to back playoff losses, both times the Saints should have won the games they were in.

Against the Vikings a last second pass to Stefon Diggs beat them, something like that will never happen again.  The no flag against the Rams, that won’t happen again either.  The Saints lost two games on two plays that will probably never even come close to happening again in the NFL. Gotta feel for those players and their fans.

Super Bowl Story Lines

  1. Sean McVay is young.
  2. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are at their 9th Super Bowl. Will it ever happen again?
  3. Is Tom Brady now, officially, the best ever.
  4. Whose the best rapper to come out of Atlanta.
  5. Dinosaurs are real. Prove me wrong
  6. ESPN will be annoying as fuck.
  7. Where is each team staying?
  8. How hot is Tom Brady’s wife?
  9. The Patriots are playing in Atlanta. They just beat Atlanta two years ago in the Super Bowl.
  10. Is this Gronks last game?
  11. Should Edelman shave his beard?
  12. Are the Patriots going to miss Josh Gordon?
  13. What if dogs could speak English?
  14. The Rams lost to the Rams last year in the playoffs.  Revenge game for them.
  15. Jared Goff has never played in a Super Bowl.
  16. Sean McVay is a great young coach.
  17. When will Bill Belichick die?
  18. Should the NFL refs be held accountable
  19. Whose reffing the game? How was his crew during the year.
  20. Are sloths actually slow, or are they just lazy, or both?
  21. Is Atlanta a good host city?
  22. Can you buy a championship in the NFL? The Rams free agency moves last year.
  23. Tom Brady or Aaron Donald? Whose been better this year.
  24. C.J. Anderson. What a great story. Only player on the Rams with Super Bowl experience.
  25. Sean McVay grew up in Atlanta, homecoming for him.
  26. Sean McVay is the best young coach the NFL has even seen.
  27. Is this a passing of the guard from old NFL (Patriots) to the young NFL (Rams)
  28.  ESPN Sucks.
  29. Chipotle is overrated. Fight me about it.
  30. Whose the halftime show?
  31. ESPN story on prop bets that are the same every year.
  32. We should mate a turtle and sloth to make the slowest animal ever.
  33. Sean McVay, did you know he’s under 35. Tom Brady is 40.  Woah.
  34. Maroon 5 is the halftime show.
  35. Does L.A. have any actual fans?
  36. What happens when we die?
  37. Sean McVay is a young coach.
  38. Is McVay married? Girlfriend? Girlfriend, and she’s a smoke.
  39. Overtime rules, do they need changing?
  40. When are we getting a Game of Thrones trailer?

College Basketball

The big story over the weekend in college basketball was the last two unbeaten teams lost on the road against some good teams.  Virginia lost at Duke by 2 and Michigan lost at Wisconsin by 10.  It was bound to happen eventually, I don’t think Virginia’s or Michigan’s fan base is really hung up on those losses.  Its nearly impossible for a team in college basketball to go undefeated during the regular season, especially one in a top tier conference.

We’ll start with Duke, and I really just wanna show one play where Zion Williamson took the ball end to end and threw down a nasty dunk while being fouled.  He’s 40.

What I would really want to talk about is the actions of the Wisconsin Badgers fan base.  The Badgers, a top program in the Big 10 that has had two years of disappointing basketball, should be embarrassed of their fans.  The Badger fans rushed the court after beating #2 Michigan in a January basketball game that means very little.

More importantly, the Badger basketball program and their fans should be above this kind of mockery.  Court rushing should be saved for actual immensely huge upsets, upsets that happen within the last 30 seconds of games, upsets that are so unexpected the fans don’t know how to act.  Rushing the court, or even football field, has become a joke for fan bases to do after “big wins.”  Don’t get me wrong here, this was a big for the Badgers, they needed this.  However, this wasn’t the School of the Above Average in Weight and Blind beating the #2 ranked team in the country.  This is a program that went to back to back Final Fours, they went to a national championship game a few years back, Bo Ryan consistently had this program in the top four of the Big Ten year after year.  Badger fans are above this.  This act was embarrassing and I hope the people who rushed that court feel ashamed of themselves. I know I was embarrassed for all Badger fans when I saw what happened. What’s even worse, this wasn’t even a buzzer beating win, or a huge comeback by Wisconsin.  It was an awful performance the Badgers forced Michigan into and the Badgers won by 10.  Cheer for your team, build on that win, go to State Street and get housed.  No need to embarrass your fan base and rush the court. Peasants.


PGA Tour – Desert Classic

It only took one month into our year and we already got a classic Phil Mickelson blown lead at a tournament.  Dude shoots 12 under day one and ends up losing by one stroke after only shooting 3 under in the final round.

Alas Phil had a 3 stroke lead going into the final round over Adam Long and and lost. Sad, sad day for all those Phil hardos. Adam Long won his first PGA tour event by shooting -26.

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