NFL Hangover Monday: Divisional Round

Sony Michel's on the field? Pats are running. James White is on the field? Pats are passing and it looked like the Chargers had no damn clue what they were doing.

Time for hangover Monday here at Moxie Sports where we will look at the weekend the was in the NFL and wonder why as we get older, the hangovers get longer, and search for the hangover cure.

Indianapolis Colts 13 @ Kansas City Chiefs 31

Well it looks like the public forgot how good the Chiefs actually were, and forgot to look at who the Colts played during their winning streak – at least that is what everyone is saying. It was well documented before the game that the Colts didn’t play any actual good QBs during their run (besides Deshaun Watson) and were up against a whole new beast in Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. Well, they were right for a half. The Chiefs raced out to 24-7 lead thanks to a missed chip shot by Adam Vinatieri that should have made it 24-10 at half, and that was the start of a miserable second half for the Chiefs. The Colts had every right to be in this game in the 4th quarter and they have nobody to blame but themselves, all self-inflicted wounds by them.

The Colts didn’t let the Chiefs score again until 2:23 left in the 4th quarter, they played GREAT defense in the second half. However, look at the Colts errors in this game. First, Vinatieri missed that chip shot FG, and he missed a XP on the second TD. At that point, the game should have been 24-17. The Colts forced a fumble in the 3rd quarter and go the ball on their own 20 yard line. What did the Colts do? Go backwards for 12 yards and fumble again. Points off the board again. Not only that, the Colts stopped the Chiefs on 4th down on their opening drive of the second half, the should have gotten the ball at their own 33 yard line but got a stupid unsportsmanlike penalty and that backed them up another 15 yards. The Colts also got a running into the punter penalty, that was bullshit, when they were down 24-13 that kept the Chiefs drive alive where they eventually scored a TD.

What I’m saying is, the Colts had all the chances in the world to be in this game because of their defense. It was their offense that failed them and now the rhetoric is “oh we forgot how good the Chiefs really were” and the “the Colts aren’t nearly as good as we though, didn’t you see who they played?” No, the Colts just pulled a Plaxico Burreess for most of the second half the Chiefs didn’t have much to do with it.

I will say this however, the Chiefs defense did play great in this game. Much, much better than anyone thought and it wasn’t their pass rush. Andrew Luck had time all day to throw the ball, just guys couldn’t get open it seemed like. I have a feeling that won’t happen next week against the Patriots.

Dallas Cowboys 22 @ Los Angeles Rams 30

The story of this game was obvious, the Rams rush offense. Dallas was supposed to have this great defense that just shut down the top rushing team in the NFL last week in the Seahawks and then the Rams just destroyed them on the ground, and then Goff hit them with the play action. You let the Rams run the ball on you like that, you’re done for.

Not much else to say about this game other than the run game and the Rams defense also came to play. Just like the Chiefs, I would be surprised if the Rams defense played that well again next week against the Saints. They won’t have two weeks to install a game plan and get rested up.

C.J. Anderson looks like a water buffalo out there but somewhere he’s running 123 yards and 2 TDs at 5.3 yards a clip against that great Dallas front.

Water Buffalo or C.J. Anderson?
A water buffalo running wild at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Chargers 28 @ New England Patriots 41

Okay, Chargers. You were 12-4. You won more game than the Patriots. You didn’t lose a game all year outside of California. You went to Pittsburgh and won, Baltimore and won, you even went to Kansas City and won. You were this nations hope in ending the Patriots run of the 7 straight AFC Championships. You failed us all.

The Chargers came out and played zone against Tom Fucking Brady and Brady picked them apart the whole damn game. Sony Michel’s on the field? Pats are running. James White is on the field? Pats are passing and it looked like the Chargers had no damn clue what they were doing. Bosa and Ingram’s were completely taken out of the game simply because Brady got rid of the ball so quick. I can only think of one or two times Brady actually threw they ball downfield.

I said the Chargers were the most complete team in the AFC, and I still think they are but coaching matters so much in the NFL and that’s what I love about it. Bill Belichick and his staff took took Anthony Lynn and the Chargers out to the shed, bent them over, and spanked them for 3 straight hours.

This was another defense people criticized during the year, that got two weeks to prepare, get rested, and executed a great game-plan against a very good team. Fucking Patriots. I think what annoys me most is their fans that act like their underdogs because a ton of people picked the Chargers. You’ve been to 8 straight AFC Championship games now, you’re not underdogs until you don’t make a Super Bowl for two straight years.

Also, speaking of the 8 straight AFC Championship games. How about the weak teams they’ve gotten to play, all at home, partly because they play in the shitty AFC East. The Texans twice (once with Brock Osweiler), Tim Tebow led Broncos, the Titans last year, the Colts in 2013. Just a joke.

Philadelphia Eagles 14 @ New Orleans Saints 20

Big Dick Nick’s magical run comes to end because Alshon Jeffery can’t catch. This was the best game of the weekend. Saints got down 14-0 early and came back to score 20 unanswered. In a year of offense scoring, the story this weekend was all about the defense and the Saints defense showed up big time in the last three quarters.

The Saints shut down a great Eagles offense and made Nick Foles look pedestrian in the playoffs for the last three quarters of that game. Although, give the Bears credit they did the same thing to Foles in the Wild Card round.

I’m not sure there a huge glaring story to take form this game regarding the Saints, besides the 1st quarter they played the kind of Saints football they’ve been playing all year. I think if anything Sean Payton would like to get Alvin Kamara more touches and get going much earlier than against the Rams next week then he didn’t against the Eagles.

The Eagles on the other hand, this probably makes their decision easier in keep Foles or Wentz. I think they’ll let Foles go and ride with Wentz from now on, which is the correct decision. Wentz is the better QB and Foles isn’t going to play like he did in the playoffs last year for another team. It was a magical run for Foles but he played worse this year but because the Eagles were winning, people blew it off. Hopefully he succeeds where ever he ends up next year (Jags or Broncos)?

Hangover Cure: stay horizontal as long as humanly possible. Call into work on Monday even if you’re an old guy – take that vacation day, it’ll be worth it. This is the lazy approach to dealing with a hangover.

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