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The Pot Shot #1: Ron Zook

Welcome to the first ever Pot Shot.  You may be asking what this is, good question. Let's start abruptly, men like to take their time on the shitter because it's their time away from the daily grind.

Welcome to the first ever Pot Shot.  You may be asking what this is, good question. Let’s start abruptly, men like to take their time on the shitter because it’s their time away from the daily grind. Me? I like to scroll through twitter, look up random stuff on Wikipedia, watch YouTube videos, maybe buy some stuff on Amazon Prime I don’t need, and then 25 minutes later I’ll emerge from the bathroom getting a look for someone that says “what the fuck were you doing in there?”  Well now I have an answer, the Pot Shot will be where I answer you, the readers questions, about sports while I am taking a poop.

So please submit your questions through email (, twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag or subject line of PotShot. I will answer as many as I can and post them throughout the week.  The first ever Pot Shot comes from the man who gave me the idea, Nate B.

1. “Play out this scenario, the Packers keep Ron Zook on staff. What happens? “- Nate B

Well Nate, good question and I hate Ron Zook but I’ll painfully play this one out in this small bathroom stall I now call my writing room. Let’s fast forward to 2020, Divisional Playoffs, Packers are playing at home as the two seed against the San Francisco 49ers. Ron Zook has led the Packers to the 29th ranked ST in the world and everyone is waiting for it to come back and bite the Packers in the ass.

Rodgers has played to an MVP level so the common fan and even some sports media are blowing off Zook still being on staff. But us real fans know Zook is gonna come from behind and screw us over.

Back to the game, Rodgers leads a beautiful drive late in the 4th quarter and throws a 6 yard TD pass to Robert Tonyan on 3rd and Goal to put the Packers up 25-21 with 19 seconds left. Packers got this sealed up.

However, Ron Zook doesn’t think Crosby can kick a touch-back even though he’s been doing at all game and the 49ers have the best return specialist in the NFL back deep, Erik Magnuson. Zook decides they need to squib it and get some better athletes on the field. He looks around and then points to two guys and tells them they’re going in. Both guys, around 5’8, 253-264 lbs stumble onto the field from their 2nd row seats – neither spilled their beer – a real athletes, athlete.

Zook gives both guys helmets and sneaks them on the field. Packers lineup, no timeouts nothing LaFleur can do. Packers kick off short, 49ers go right at the two new acquired Packers and score a TD on the kick return to win the game.

Ron Zook, finally gets fired this time next year and goes down as the most hated man in Green Bay Packer history.



** The Pot Shot idea courtesy of Nate B

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