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Texas Country Thursday Spotlight: Sam Riggs

Sam Riggs isn’t a Texas native but he has found himself in the center of the Texas Country music scene with this rock influenced toe tappin’ country music.  Make no mistake about it, this guy can rock out with songs like “High on A Country Song” but also can sing the hell out of an old school sad country song like “To Save Something You Love.”  Hailing from St. Cloud, Florida  – Sam Riggs decided to chase his country music dream when he up and quit college and the welding career he had going.  Since 2010 we have been blessed with Riggs releasing some of the best country songs to hit the Texas airwaves.  Like most guys in Texas, his tour doesn’t go out west, north, or east very often but you can catch him on the road in 2019 in places like Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and more.  Personally, I would love it if he made his way up to Wisconsin.

Riggs country music took a break here recently as he went on a hiking expedition in Patagonia.  If you go to Riggs’ website, you can see the passion he has for the outdoors and how he wants to share that passion with others. He started Air & Opportunity whose mission is to “exists to promote the benefits derived from experiences in the wilderness and outdoors, and the undeniably positive impact they have on mental health.” Check out his website for more info.  You can also check out his social media for some updates on his adventures in Patagonia.

What do we have to look forward to from Riggs?  Well his latest single, Waiting For The Wall was released summer in August of 2017, so here’s to hoping that 2019 brings at least a new single from him, and hopefully a brand new album.

Sam Riggs Discography

  1. Hairpin Trigger Heart (2010) – released as the Sam Riggs Band
  2. Lighthouse – EP (2012)
  3. Outrun the Sun (2013) – released as Sam Riggs and the Night People
  4. Breathless (2016)

Moxie’s Top 5 Sam Riggs Songs

  1. Waiting For The Fall (Waiting For The Fall – Single) 
  2. Breathless (Breathless) 
  3. When the Lights Go Out (Lighthouse -EP) 
  4. Long Shot (Outrun The Sun)
  5. The Heartbreak Girl (Breathless) 


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