CFB Week 13 Review, CFT Thoughts, & Bowl Eligible Teams

The committee already got this year wrong, because Notre Dame is not a top 4 team. I would take every other team ranked n the top 6 over them. So again, the committee is going to fail in doing its job in getting the top 4 teams into the playoff.  They will now be 1 for 5 in getting the top 4 team correct, sad. 


  • Virginia Tech kept their bowl hopes alive by winning a crazy game against Virginia.  This one was actually entertaining to watch.
    • Remember when Virginia was ranked?  That was cute.
    • VT now gets a nice game against Marshall this weekend to become bowl eligible.  Just stupid that if they had lost this game, they wouldn’t have played Marshall. I hope VT wins this game, and then doesn’t get picked for a bowl game because currently there are more teams bowl eligible than they’re are bowls.

  • Florida manhandled Florida St. and now sits at #9 in the CFT rankings with three losses.
    • Any other year and this Florida teams is out of the top 10.  Honestly can’t believe they’re gonna make a NY6 game- they just aren’t that good.
    • Florida State meanwhile, misses a bowl game for the first time in 36 years. Ouch. Bad first year for Willie Taggert.
  • Kentucky stomped Louisville.  Onto next year for Louisville.
    • Kentucky finishes out a great football season for them at 9-3 and will probably get a January 1st bowl game.  Great for them.
  • Miami got revenge on Pittsburgh from last year.
    • Pittsburgh, man right now they are +28.5 against Clemson. That is sad.
    • When was the last time the ACC Conference Championship game was competitive?
    • Miami finished off a 7 win disappointing season, mostly thanks to their offense that just didn’t show up for some games.
    • Mark Richt needs to find a good offensive coordinator for this team, Miami can still recruit and compete at high level. Just gotta get that swag back.
  • Duke? What. The. Fuck. Happened.  Duke got blown out by Wake Forest who is now bowl eligible.
    • Wake Forest ran for over 300 yards. They put up 31 points in the first have and then just cruised to a win.
    • So much for Northwestern’s strength of schedule huh?
  • Clemson rolled yet again against South Carolina.
    • SC played pretty well and stayed in the game for a little bit but Trevor Lawerence and that Clemson offense is just too damn good.
    • Clemson is on their way to the CFT.  Good job. They’re going to blow the fuck out of Notre Dame.  Hopefully the other tournament game is good.
  • Syracuse got their starting QB back and put a whooping on Boston College.
    • Syracuse was a much better team than I thought they were and they proved it by blowing out all the other ACC teams that were ranked for a bit.
    • Syracuse ends with a very solid 9-3 season and will get a good bowl game for this program.
    1. Boston College
    2. Clemson
    3. Duke
    4. Georgia Tech
    5. Miami
    6. NC State
    7. Pittsburgh
    8. Syracuse
    9. Virginia
    10. Wake Forest

Big 12

  • Big game of the week was Oklahoma at West Virginia and it did not disappoint.  Oklahoma has no fucking defense and does not deserve to be in the CFT.  God do I hope Texas beats them this week.
    • Kyler Murray however, should be the Heisman winner.  Without him, Oklahoma would be giving up 40+ PPG and only scoring like 30.  Kid is a fucking stud and wins all these games in-spite of his shit defense.
    • West Virginia could have made a NY6 bowl game, but instead lost to both Oklahoma teams and is now on the outside looking in.
    • I pray for whatever defense has to play WVU in their bowl game.
    • How about the complete missed targeting call that should have gone on Oklahoma?  Easier to beat a team when one of their top receivers is out because of a clear foul.

  • Texas gets to play in the conference championship game after they squeak by Kansas.
    • Does Texas ever cover when they are favored?
    • I love how ESPN had a graphic that said “Texas is back” after a 7 point win against Kansas.
    • Texas now has the hard task of beating Oklahoma again, in a neutral site again.
    • This will be the second time Texas and Oklahoma have met twice in the same season.
    • I wish the Big 12 Championship was a night game instead of the ACC. The ACC is boring as fuck and this will probably be the most entertaining game of the day.
  • TCU beat Oklahoma St.
    • After Oklahoma St. puts up 40+ in back to back games, they only manage 24 against a reeling TCU team.  Cool. May or may not have bet on them.
    • TCU also got bowl eligible with the win.
  • Iowa State squeaked by Kansas State.
    • At 7-4, Iowa State is still ranked at #23 in the CFT Rankings. Amazing.
    • Iowa State still has one game left against Drake next week. Still though, this team shouldn’t be ranked.
    • At what point does Kansas State move on from Bill Snyder?
  • In the win and your bowl eligible game Baylor defeated Texas Tech.
    • Obviously this loss sealed Kliff Kingsbury fate.  He is now out and Texas Tech is looking for a new coach.
    • Baylor on the other hand, great season for them because they are bowl eligible and were mostly competitive minus games against Oklahoma and West Virginia.
  • Big 12 Bowl Eligible Teams
    1. Baylor
    2. Iowa State
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Oklahoma St.
    5. TCU
    6. Texas
    7. West Virginia

Big 10

  • Well obviously the big story of the weekend was the beat down Ohio State put down on Michigan. 
    • For a second year in a row, Ohio State will most likely be a Big Ten Champion and be left out of the playoffs because of a bad road loss to a poor team. 
    • Jim Harbaughs nightmares continue.  His offense from 1990 is not cutting it.  The guy has three NFL caliber WRs, a NFL TE, and a potential NFL QB and refused to throw the ball downfield against a defense that just gave up big play after big play all year. 
    • Everyone can talk about the great game Dwayne Haskins had against that Michigan passing defense all they want.  It was Ohio States offensive line that was the MVP of this game. Michigans “great” d-line couldn’t get any pressure on Haskins and that allowed for Haskins to sit back and pick apart that defense. 
    • Hopefully for Michigan fans, Michigan comes to play in their NY6 bowl against UCF/Boise St. or an SEC team.  A win there does a lot for the confidence of a team going into next year. 
    • Ohio State really needs to blow out Northwestern and get some help to make the playoffs. 

  • Minnesota finally got the AXE back and beat Wisconsin to become bowl eligible.  
    • What a disappointing season for the Badgers who were ranked #4 in the preseason and picked by some to win the Big 10.  Their QB play is atrocious. 
    • Look for 4 star QB Graham Mertz from Kansas to make a huge impact for the Badgers in the coming seasons. 
  • Michigan St. barely fucking squeaked by Rutgers at the end of the game.  I mean for the love of god Michigan St, your offense fucking suck. 
    • Now that I’ve said that, they’ll probably put up like 40 in their bowl game. 
    • Michigan St. was 24.5 point favorites. 
  • Northwestern barely beat a poor Illinois team 24-16. Not a very impressive win going into the Big Ten Championship. 
    • Northwestern going O-fer in their non-conference is really hurting Ohio State in this game. 
    • Congrats to Lovie Smith on the two year extension for doing jack shit at Illinois.  Well deserved. 
  • Penn State smoked Maryland. 
    • Penn State has an outside shot to get a NY6 bowl, however I think since everyone sucks the SEC dick, you might see four SEC teams in the NY6 especially if UCF loses to Memphis. 
  • Purdue beat Indiana to become bowl eligible AND they get to keep their coach Jeff Brohm. 
    • Great win for Purdue but even better they get to keep their coach and build on a pretty goo year.  Purdue was in the Big Ten West hunt in November, can’t remember the last time we said that. 
  • Finally, Iowa also beat Nebraska in a competitive game. 
    • Story here is Nebraska finishing the season strong by winning some games and playing competitive versus the start of the year where they were losing to bad teams and getting blown the fuck out. 
    • Iowa, gotta say they had everything in front of them.  Had Northwestern at home and lost, lost two close games on the road against Penn State and Purdue which they could have easily won.  
    • Iowa isn’t a school that thinks of Big Ten Championships this year, but they have to be disappointed with their performance the last five weeks of the season.  They had everything in front of them. 
  • Bowl Eligible Big 10 Teams 
    1. Iowa
    2. Michigan
    3. Michigan St. 
    4. Minnesota
    5. Northwestern
    6. Ohio State
    7. Penn State
    8. Purdue 
    9. Wisconsin

Pac 12

  • Washington to Washington St: whos-your-daddy
    • Washington just owned Washington St. in an awesome game to watch in the snow, at night, everything on the line. Fucking loved it. 
    • How about Washington’s last two drives of the game?Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 1.35.31 PM
    • Washington moves onto play Utah in the Pac 12 Championship on Friday Night. They beat Utah in Utah early in the season, I would expect Washington to come out on top and play in the Rose Bowl. 
    • Mike Leach like Jim Harbaugh, just can’t beat his rival for whatever reason. 
  • USC gave Notre Dame a run for their money but ran out in the 4th quarter.  Nice back door cover by them, but they just didn’t have enough. 
    • Looks like USC is going to Kliff Kingsbury as their OC.  He’s going to do wonders with freshman QB JT Daniels.  He’s already got one year under his belt, two year under Kliff and this kid will be slinging the ball all over. 
    • Notre Dame on the other hand clinched a playoff although I don’t think they are a top 4 team in the country, but they went undefeated so they’re in. They will get blown the fuck out by Clemson.  Congrats. 
  • Lets be honest here.  The only other exciting thing in this conference was Arizona St. comeback against Arizona that kept Arizona from being bowl eligible. 

  • Pac 12 Bowl Eligible Teams
    1. Arizona St. 
    2. Cal
    3. Stanford
    4. Oregon
    5. Utah
    6. Washington
    7. Washington St. 


  • Texas A&M vs LSU might not have been the biggest game of the weekend, but it was the most talked about and most entertaining by far. Texas A&M won in a crazy fucking game that the refs may have aided in. 
    • I will say this, I thought on 4th down on A&M’s final drive the receiver caught the ball short, but I have been proven wrong that just the yellow line marker was two yards off. FUCKING TWO YARDS OFF. 
    • I mean there was a brawl at the end of game between Jimbo Fischers nephew and Kevin Faulk, a coach for LSU. 
    • “Look you SEC hater, LSU does have an offense!.”  Congrats on scoring 72 points in 7 OT’s. 
    • Joe Burrow ran the fuck out of the ball for LSU though.  He’s one tough MF-er. 
    • Although this game didn’t have big playoff implications, this A&M win could have kept LSU out of a NY6 Bowl game but we’ll have to wait and see on that. 
    • Whatever “analysts” or “commentators” or “experts” said this game was bad for College Football or wasn’t entertaining is a MORON. 

  • Couple routs in the SEC. Missouri blanked Arkansas and I think they are better team than Florida, Kentucky, LSU, and Mississippi St or at least on the same level but their ranking doesn’t show that. 
  • Mississippi St. also smoked Ole Miss. 
  • Vandy destroyed Tennessee an earned a bowl berth. Good for them, I think a lot of people were on Tennessee based on how they were playing.  Tough loss for the Volunteers. 
  • Georgia beat Georgia Tech. 
    • Jake Fromm has been playing some great football lately, Georgia will need him to sling the ball around against Alabama if they want to have a chance. 
    • For Georgia Tech, this was Paul Johnsons last ball game as the ole coach. Georgia Tech will finally move into the 21st Century and play a normal offense. 
  • Alabama is well, Alabama and torched Auburn. 
    • This loss may get Gus Malzahn fired because well, Auburn needs to be Alabama and if you can’t do it then you’re gonna get fired. 
    • Bama keeps rolling along and will face probably their first real test of the year against a complete team in Georgia.  Yes, LSU has a good defense but their offense is nothing to write home about. 
  • SEC Bowl Eligible Teams
    1. Alabama
    2. Auburn
    3. Florida
    4. Georgia
    5. Kentucky
    6. LSU
    7. Mississippi St.
    8. Missouri
    9. South Carolina
    10. Texas A&M 
    11. Vanderbilt


College Football Tournament Ranking Thoughts

  • No surprise here at what happened after Michigan got blown out.  The top 6 are the only ones who have any hope left with Michigan being at #7. 
  • Ohio State is gonna need some real help from Texas and Alabama to slip into that #4 slot, which can happen. 
  • Oklahoma needs to also root for Alabama to win so they can get that #4 spot. 
  • The big story with the rankings is how many SEC teams are in there that boost up Georgia and Alabamas resume.  
    • #9 Florida (overrated), #10 LSU (overrated), #15 Kentucky, #18 Mississippi St., #19 Texas A&M, and #24 Missouri. 
    • All these teams have beat each other in a round about way and neither of them really have a they can plant their flag on besides LSU who beat Georgia at home. The only they thing they have in common is they’ve all been beaten by Georgia or Alabama or both. 
    • To me the SEC gets sucked off by ESPN and the committee every year, this year especially. Except, this year because of such chaos in the Big 10, the PAC 12 and ACC being dog shit I really don’t know what teams you can put in there. Washington should be higher, but they got beat by Auburn in week one so you’ll have people who make a crazy argument they can’t be above Florida or LSU, even though they probably should. 
  • I would argue that both West Virginia and Texas should be ranked higher. 
  • Heres the skinny: if Georgia wins the top four are going to be Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame
    • If Alabama wins, Ohio State or Oklahoma will grab that #4 spot. 
    • The committee already got this year wrong, because Notre Dame is not a top 4 team. I would take every other team ranked n the top 6 over them. So again, the committee is going to fail in doing its job in getting the top 4 teams into the playoff.  They will now be 1 for 5 in getting the top 4 team correct, sad. 




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