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Packers/Seahawks Deep Dive

Maybe once McCarthy is gone the Packers will be more aggressive while up late in games and the players will execute better. Until that happens, the Packers will continue to disappoint their fans and take years off of my life.

This damn game was one of most frustrating Packer games I have watched.  I had not been that mad, or disappointed after a Packer since probably the 2014 NFC Championship Game against Seattle. 

This was a game the Packers needed to win, and should have one.  They are a better team than Seattle is, but once again they got out coached and their players executed better all around.  The Packers pretty much gave this game away with stupid play calling, bad performance by the offense as a whole, special teams sucks yet again, and the injuries on defense hurt this team in the 4th quarter. Oh, and we had the refs against is on some bogus calls and missed calls yet again in Seattle.  That place sucks. 

Again we’ll start with some offensive thoughts. 

  • Again, Rodgers made some crazy good plays, he moved around the pocket better, he had a great stat line at the end of the day but he did not play well again. He is still throwing the ball away too much, and is missing throws consistently and is completely missing check downs.  The frustration watching the game when he throws the ball away or throws a bomb instead of checking down to a wide open Aaron Jones for a few yards, is too difficult to describe. 
  • Just check out the throw everybody has been talking about, on 3rd and 2. He one hops it to MVS.  Aaron Rodgers has rarely, if ever made throws this bad. 
  • I am not sure what the issue is here.  Rodgers should be fully healthy, MVS ran a routine route.  Aaron just misses this throw.  If he is doing this in practice and the Packers see this on film why is the coaching not fixing this?  Why does McCarthy continue to let Rodgers just play on the fly and forget his fundamentals – something McCarthy loves to preach. 
    • So why am I going towards the coaching on this play?  All I saw after this game was highlights of this throw and how Aaron missed it.  Yet all these national talking heads won’t say how Aaron has been missing these throws all year.  This is on film. The Packers offensive staff is watching this.  How is this not being fixed.  There is no fucking way he isn’t throwing these types of balls in practice.  If the coaches are giving him the fix, and Rodgers isn’t listening well then the coaching isn’t working and there needs to be change.  You paid Aaron 100+ million, not McCarthy and the staff.  It is just another reason why McCarthy needs to be gone at the end of the year regardless of how far this team goes. 
  • McCarthy’s play calling is just astoundingly stupid.  Lets not even start with the second half play calling but start with the second series of the game. Packers are up 7-0 after a Seattle fumble, have the ball on Seattles 29 with a 4 and 3.  They just forced a three and out, they have Seattle on the ropes.  You can go up 10-0 or you can attack a defense that is on its heels a potentially go up 14-0.  Instead, Crosby misses a field goal and were stuck at 7-0. GO FOR THE FUCKING THROAT.  This is exactly why we lost the 2014 NFC Championship game, settling.  Have some god damn balls McCarthy and go for the win early on. Stop being a baby back bitch.
    • Oh and guess what Seattle did on the next series?  Went for it on 4th & 1 on the Packers 29 and converted it and eventually got 3 points out of it.  HUH? Funny how being aggressive can work for you. 
  • The second half play calling was absurd.  The Packers ran the ball once on 1st down the whole second half, that came on their first series.  Aaron jones had 6 total touches in the second half, unacceptable. The Packers not running the ball forced them into long 2nd and 3rd downs. Then, on our 3rd and shorts were running 20 yard routes or Rodgers is refusing to hit the check down for the easy yards. FRUSTRATING. COACHING. EXECUTING. DISCIPLINE. It all comes back to the coaching, it needs to be better. 
  • Aaron Jones is again proving himself to be a star.  He had 90+ yards and 2 TDs in the first half.  He should have been force fed the ball in the second half and was not.  He is averaging 5+ YPC, the Seahawks were giving up tons of rushing yards.  Keep pounding that ball and wear down that front 7.  If McCarthy would just let Jones be the focal point of the offense, we would be winning all these close games. 
  • Davante Adams is a STAR.  He is a top 5 WR in this league.  Nobody can cover him off the line, he is freakishly athletic and can even catch the ball when he’s being interfered with and its not called, TWICE. See tweet below with the defender just grabbing Adams arm.  OH and that play was on 3rd and short, we threw another bomb and got bailed out by a great one handed catch and throw from Rodgers to Adams. 
  • Welcome to the NFL Robert Tonyan.  He played great in the preseason and I know a lot of Packer fans who have been waiting to see him get on the field.  With Jimmy Graham breaking his thumb, we could see more of him.  I really like Tonyan and wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers rolled with him alone next year as the main receiving TE in this offense. Catch and throw was vintage Rodgers. 
  • It’s Monday, and as I am typing up these thoughts I’m getting mad all over again at how conservative McCarthy is and how bad the play calling is.  Please go. 

Onto the defensive thoughts. 

  • KYLE FACKRELL MAKE SOME MONEY MY MAN.  Fackrell was his own wrecking crew on Thursday tallying three sacks. Fackrell has played great of late and should continue to see the field more and more, even when Nick Perry comes back. Fackrell has been criticized by Packer fans since he was drafted and is now proving the haters wrong, good for him. 
  • Injuries are piling up again on the defensive side for the Packers.  At safety they are down Kentrell Brice, Daniels, and Clark both left this game late and now it is being reported Daniels has broken his foot and will most likely be out the rest of the year based on the Packers playoff chances. Kevin King is still out and it seems like another DB is getting hurt every game and were brining it guys who have been with the team for five days to come in and help get stops. 
  • I’ll say this, Clay Matthews has played much better this year then I was expecting him too.  He helped forced the fumble on the first play of the game and did get some decent pressure on Russell Wilson.  If I had to choose between him or Nick Perry to stay next year, give me Clay Matthews 100 times out of 100. 
    • I think Nick Perry’s time needs to be done in Green Bay.  Resign Matthews for smaller number, keep Fackrell, and then draft a few guys in the 1st and 2nd rounds.  The 2019 draft is stacked with defensive talent up front. Also look at signing a veteran guy in free agency to help out. 
  • Defensive secondary played well for most the game.  We have a great future with these guys, especially if King can stay healthy. 
    • Would also love to see Breeland come back next year if we can keep him for cheap.  Breeland, Jackson, King, and Alexander is a fucking solid four deep CB group. 

The Bottom Line

Packers don’t win next week against shitty Primetime Kirk Cousins, this season is over.  The only reason the Packers are still in this discussion is because the NFC has been remarkably average outside of the Rams and Saints this year.  I could honestly see both Wild Card teams this year getting in at 9-7. 

Most importantly the Packers need to learn how to close out games.  They had a lead in the 4th quarter against the Rams, the lead this week against the Seahawks in the 4th quarter, and were tied with the Pats 17-17 before the Aaron Jones fumble.  Maybe once McCarthy is gone the Packers will be more aggressive while up late in games and the players will execute better.  Until that happens, the Packers will continue to disappoint their fans and take years off of my life. 

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