CFB Week 11 Review

This is the part where I tell you Oklahoma does not belong in the top 4 consideration.  Their defense is so god damn bad it's embarrassing.

Back at it for the Moxies CFB Week 11 Review.


  • Big game this weekend was Clemson and Boston College.  Clemson’s defense came out and showed why they’re one of the top units in the country. Boston College had the lead in this game for for a hot second in the 1st quarter but that didn’t last game.
    • Trevor Lawerence played so-so in his first real test as the Clemson QB.  Sadly for Clemson, this will probably be his only test until the College Football Tournament.
    • Boston College on defense played really well, they only gave up 20 points to a Clemson offense that was shitpumping teams in the previous weeks.
  • How about that Wake Forest @ NC State game on Thursday night? Looks like people were a week early with their Wake Forest upset pick.
    • NC State lost on an a final second TD pass were a defender just took the complete wrong angle.
    • NC State was ranked #14, they should drop to around #20 this week I’d expect
  •  I’ve given the ACC a lot of shit because I think they are the second worst conference in the country after the Big 12, and somehow they had Virgina, NC State, Boston College, and Syracuse ranked.  Those first three, are not top 25 teams in any other year.  However, I have changed my mind on Syracuse.  I do think this is a quality team that is a step above those three, but a few steps behind Clemson.
    • Syracuse absolutely blew the fuck out of Louisville, which got Bobby Petrino fired. Don’t think anybody is really mad about that.
  • Duke beat North Carolina in a shootout to move to 7-3, wouldn’t be surprised to see them ranked next week.
    • Duke beat Northwestern earlier in the year, that loss now doesn’t look bad for Northwestern. Also gives Duke a really quality non-conference win beating the Big Ten West champs.
    • Duke gets to go to Clemson this week, then hosts Wake Forest.  Looking like a solid 8 win season for the Blue Devils.
  • Pittsburgh blew out Virginia Tech and hung onto their 1-game lead in the ACC Coastal.  They still have @ Wake Forest and @ Miami to go through before securing that spot in the ACC Championship game.
  • Speaking of Miami, they got beat by Georgia Tech and are now at 5-5.  They need to win either @ Virginia Tech or vs Pittsburgh to become bowl eligible after going 11-2 last year and playing in the Orange Bowl.  What a disappointing season for the Miami.
  • Currently, the ACC has 8 eligible bowl teams.

Big Ten

  • The big game of the week was Northwestern @ Iowa where Northwestern came in as 10 point dogs on the road.  Well they won 14-10 in a classic Big Ten barn burner.
    • What a job Pat Fitzgerald has done with this team. They failed to win a non-conference game and looked dead in the water. They played both Michigan and Notre Dame very tough at home, came back in the 4th quarter to beat Nebraska, beat Purdue on the road in the 1st game of the year, beat a Wisconsin team that was favored to win the Big Ten West, beat Michigan State on the road, and now went into Iowa and won.
    • Northwestern has nobody you know, but Pat Fitzgerald is such a good coach this team always comes to play.
    • Northwestern will finally get some respect in the College Football Tournament rankings most likely and be ranked somewhere between 20-25.
  • The other big was Ohio State @ Michigan St. Ohio State came out on top after some questionable coaching by Mark Dantonio.
    • Michigans St. offense, for the 3rd year in a row is less than fucking impressive. This team cannot score.  I’ll admit the injuries don’t help, but still.
    • Ohio State keeps skating on by and keeping their season alive amid all the turmoil from this offseason. They go to a sneaky, kinda good, kinda not Maryland team next week before they get Michigan at home where undoubtedly they’ll play their best game of the past 10 years.
  • Michigan kept rolling and whooped up on lowly Rutgers. Let let up a touchdown, but that helped me win the 1st half over.
    • Oh, and in Big Ten play, Michigans defense has allowed only two QBs to throw for 100 yards or more and Alex Hornibrook threw for exactly 100. Fucking impressive.
  • Penn State beat a lowly Wisconsin team 22-10.  This was a boring fucking game.
    • Wisconsin has sucked this year. They went from being in Lee Corso’s championship game to probably playing in some random bowl game against Tulane on December 19th.
    • Wisconsin desperately needs better QB play, they do get 4 Star freshman Graham Mertz next year. Hopefully he is the savior Badger fans have been wanting.
  • Purdue got smoked on the road by Minnesota.  I take back saying they should be ranked.  Jesus. Both teams now sit at 5-5.
  • Nebraska continues its late season trend upward and beat a shit Illinois team.
  • Indiana beat Maryland by two to also bring both teams to 5-5.
  • Big Ten has 7 bowl eligible teams and four others at 5-5. Purdue and Indiana play each other, so one of those teams will reach 6 wins.  We’ll see if Minnesota or Maryland can sneak in a win also.

Big 12

  • This is the part where I tell you Oklahoma does not belong in the top 4 consideration.  Their defense is so god damn bad it’s embarrassing.
    • They came in as 20.5 point favorites against Oklahoma St. and won because of an arrant pass on a 2 point conversion by the OSU QB. Just awful.
    • I fully expect a close shootout game against West Virgina in two weeks, but Oklahomas defense is goose poop.  They suck.
    • Oklahomas is gonna give up 27+ to Kansas this weekend.  I’m calling it now.
    • Oklahoma St. coming off a heartbreaking loss, now gets West Virgina at home.  We’ll see how this team responds.
  • Iowa State continues its strong season by beating Baylor by 14. Iowa State sits at 6-3 and can go to the Big 12 Championship if they win out and West Virginia loses. However, they have a big next week against Texas.
  • Speaking of Texas, they survived a furious 24 point comeback from Texas Tech in the 4th quarter.
    • Texas Tech came back to tie but Texas had a nice final drive of the game to come out with the win.
    • Texas also has an outside shot of going to the Big 12 Championship game and West Virgina beats Oklahoma.
    • The game against Iowa State this week is all but an elimination game for the Big 12 Championship, and the long shot for a NY6 Bowl Game.
  • West Virginia continued its hot ways and smoked TCU.  Big game for them at Oklahoma St. this weekend.
  • OH. Kansas St. beat Kansas if anyone cares.
  • Big 12 currently has four team bowl eligible. Oklahoma St, Baylor, and Texas Tech all sit at 5 wins.

Pac 12

  • Washington St. went into Colorado and won handedly in a game where quite a few people thought an upset might be brewing.
    • Washington St. has Arizona and Washington left on the schedule to lock in that Pac 12 North.
    • Mike Leach is a national treasure..
  • The Pac 12 South is a god darn mess.
    • Arizona State beat UCLA by 3 and now sits at 4-3 in conference.
    • Utah beat Oregon 32-35 and is at the top of the conference at 5-3.
    • Cal beat USC, and now USC is at 4-4 but still alive in the conference.
      • USC held Cal to only 93 yards passing and still won. They only gave up 15 points..
    • Arizona had a bye and is at 4-3.
    • Who the fuck knows that is gonna happen in the south.
    • Utah is @ Colorado this week, Arizona St. is @ Oregon, and Arizona is @ Washington State. We could have a 4 way tie in the Pac 12 south after these next two weeks. Crazy stuff.
  • Pac 12 currently has six teams bowl eligible with USC and Colorado at 5-5.


  • Lets start with LSU bouncing back with a 7 point win at Arkansas, but the real story as the bad beat a the end.  LSU’s RB had an easy chance TWICE to score at the end of the game to go up 14 and cover the -7.5 spread.  However, he decided to fall down and piss off millions.. let ksmooth63 off YouTube enlighten you..
  • Mississippi St. went into Alabama and got royally screwed by the refs in the 1st half of this game. What was 21-0 at half should have been 14-7 or even 14-14.
    • First the refs missed a clear fumble and then the booth somehow looked at the replay and went “NOPE. We don’t see a fumble here at all, haha. We can’t let Alabama go down early.. this is how they lose games.”
    • Then, Mississippi St. scores a TD and a phantom block in the back flag gets thrown.  Just absolute BS.
    • Now after that, Mississippi St. scored on the next play, but it got called back on a false start.  This team constantly shot themselves in the foot, especially in the second half.
    • Alabama looked beatable.  Mississippi St. after the first two drives really settled down and slowed down that Alabama offense.  Now it also helps when Tua goes down int he second half.
    • A more competent offense, say like Notre Dame, Georgia, Clemson, or Michigan can make this a game against Alabama if their defense shows up like Mississippi State’s did on Saturday.
    • Alabama on a bye week, gets Auburn in two weeks.
  • Georgia beat said Auburn team by 17.
    • Auburn, not deserving of a top 25 team but they play in the SEC so their losses are good.
    • Georgia is rolling right now into their big matchup with Alabama in the SEC Championship game.
  • Remember when I said Kentucky is closer to the Auburn, Texas A&M than LSU and Georgia? Well they got bent over at Tennessee.  There goes your NY6 hopes Kentucky, it was fun while it lasted.
    • Tennessee a lot like Nebraska, struggled at the start of the year with a new coach but is closing the season on a strong note. Want to bet they are ranked in the top 15 at the start of next year?
    • Kentucky just has no offense what so ever and its hurting them, but with their upcoming schedule they’ll most likely finish 9-3 and possibly get a January 1st bowl game.  Great for the program.
  • Florida had quite the comebacks against South Carolina. They were down 14-0, tied it, then were down 31-14 and came back to win 35-31.
    • I tweeted out Florida is not a top 15 team, and the aren’t but this year because of all the chaos they get to be in the top 15.
    • Florida is also part of the SEC bye week, they’ll go to FSU the last game of the year.  That will be FSU’s biggest game of the year.
    • South Carolina has to be killing themselves on the flip side.  It has been a disappointing season for the Gamecocks after getting picked to finish towards the top of the SEC by many people.

The Rest

  • UCF beat Navy 35-24.
    • UCF is not nearly as impressive as last year because their defense is not nearly as good.
      • They were up 28-10 going into the 4th quarter but gave up 2 TDs in the 4th.  Against a better them that will hurt them.
  • Notre Dame spanked FSU 42-13.
    • Holy shit is FSU bad.
    • Notre Dame gets their toughest test of the year since week 1 against Michigan, a neutral site game against Syracuse in the Bronx.
    • They also did this without their starting QB Ian Book. Book is supposed to be healthy this week against Syracuse.

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