NFL Week 10 & CFB Week 11 Sportsbook Review

Fucking Cowboys.  Figures they should be the team to get me to .500 this week because they are simply, a .500 team.  Mediocre.  I hate the Cowboys. 

Still above .500 in CFB and NFL, this was my first week going .500 in the NFL however.  Still up 8 units – pretty good for the past three weeks.  CFB, I have been steady going even pretty much besides the first week I blogged my picks.

CFB Week 11 Review — Total Record (19-17)

  1. Mississippi St (-25) & Over 54 — (1-1)
    • Okay, the refs royally fucked all bettors who had MSST at 24 this weekend.  First the missed fumble call on the 1st series for Bama, and then the phantom block in the back call on MSST TD.
    • MSST also kept shooting themselves in the foot on chances to actually score points.
    • Honestly thought MSST would be able to throw the ball a little bit more and score.
    • Tua going out didn’t help the scoring in the game.
    • Should have used the LSU game as an example for how this game would go for Bama instead of their others against trash teams.
  2. Michigan St. (+4) & Under 52 — (2-2)
    • Michigan St. offense sucked and fuck you Dantonio for handing Ohio State two fucking points. I blame MSU getting blown out solely on that call.
    • Under was the pick here, MSU’s offense is terrible and OSU’s can’t run the ball.  No way was this going to be a shootout or some kind of 49-7 game.
  3. Oklahoma St (+20.5) & Over 76.5 — (4-2)
    • Oklahomas defense is fucking terrible, they should not be in the discussion at all for a top 4 CFT team. They will probably give up 30 to Kansas this week.
    • There was like 40+ points scored by half.  I mean 76.5 scared me, such a big number but then – oh yeah, Oklahomas defense is terrible.
    • OSU +20.5.  OSU isn’t that good this year, but lets go back to that OU defense.  Reason why 20.5 points for OSU was ridiculous.
  4. Georgia (-14.5) & Over 50 — (5-3)
    • AUBURN FUCKING STINKS. Their defense is better than I thought though. Was confident Georgia would get to at least 30 but Auburns defense played well enough.
  5. Clemson (-20.5) & Over 58 — (5-5)
    • I hate the ACC.  Read this game wrong.
    • Didn’t take into effect it was Lawerences 1st primetime game start, on the road, in the cold, and Boston College actually has a great defense.  Should have leaned towards the under.  Hindsight is 20/20
    • Clemson almost covered for me here.  God dammit.  Where the MSST line from Wednesday helped me get a win, this one gave me the loss.  Would have liked a push here instead.

NFL Week 10 Review — Total Record (16-8)

  1. Panthers (+4) & Over 50 — (1-1)
    • Okay, the Panthers played like absolute dog shit.  After Cam’s pick 6, the game was over.  The Steelers were on fire, just wasn’t right for the Panthers.
    • Over was spot on, knew there would be points just didn’t realize the Steelers would be covering the over/under by themselves.
  2. Saints (-4.5) & Under 55.5 — (2-2)
    • The Saints are a wagon, the Bengals defense is fucking awful.
    • Should have done more research on that Bengals defense, didn’t realize they give up 500 yards on the reg.
    • Saints almost covered the over/under on their own.
  3. Seahawks (+10) & Over 51.5 — (4-2)
    • Glad I got this game on Wednesday at +10, that was criminal.  Seahawks are a pretty good team and the Rams defense is a sieve.
    • Easy pickings here on the Over/Under and the points with the Seahawks.
  4. Eagles (-6.5) & Under 43.5 — (4-4)
    • I feel like this game fucked everybody.  The Eagles looked like they were somewhat getting it together and the Cowboys looked awful on MNF at home against Titans team that was struggling.
    • 6.5 didn’t even seem like a lot of points here, most people thought this would be blowout city.
    • Cowboys offense came alive here got the over.
    • Fucking Cowboys.  Figures they should be the team to get me to .500 this week because they are simply, a .500 team.  Mediocre.  I hate the Cowboys.

Locks of the Week (Overall Record 4-2)

  1. West Virginia (-12) over TCU
    • Remarkable this line was only 12.  TCU STINKS. WVU won me a lot of money this week straight up, in a 3 leg parlay, and 1st half parlay.
    • This was like stealing money.
  2. Cardinals/Chiefs OVER 50
    • I mean, really.  The Cardinals were the team that slowed down the Chiefs? Come ON!


*Total Records after after 3 weeks.

*CFB picks come out on Wednesday

*NFL picks come out on Thursday

*Lines from MyBookie

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