Packers/Dolphins Deep Dive

Rodgers no INT streak continues, and to think he threw his only interception against the fucking Bills. 

Packers got back on track this week with a solid 31-12 win over the Dolphins.  The offense still had its moments of looking poor but did have 5 scoring drives. The defense, played great other than looking a little shaky in the run defense, played a great game.

Offensive Thoughts

  • Rodgers again doesn’t look like himself, but did look a little bit better overall.  That knee gets healthier every week and he looked much better moving around the pocket and scrambling.
    • He’s still throwing the ball away too much.  Not sure if this is play calling, or just nobody getting open, or him not trusting where people are. I did notice on a few throw aways, CBS gave us the aerial view of the play and a few there were only two or three guys on routes.  They were all covered, not much you can do there.
    • Rodgers needs to play better if they’re gonna in Seattle on Thursday.
    • Rodgers no INT streak continues, and to think he threw his only interception against the fucking Bills.
    • Rodgers was also late on a few throws again this game, he threw another drag to EQS late that ended up getting broken up by the Dolphins DB.  That is the third week in a row Rodgers has been late on these types of throws, previous two weeks he barely fit in there.  Yesterday he wasn’t so lucky.
  • The key to the Packers winning games and playing well on offense?  Give Aaron Jones the ball.  Not only did Jones get 18 touches yesterday, he was also on the field much more.  If my memory suits me right, besides the last drive of the game I think only Jamal Williams got two series.  Those series did not go well for the Packers.
    • Jones hits holes most RBs don’t see, and he constantly makes something out of nothing.  He rarely gets no yards on run, and fights for extra yards very well.  I don’t remember I saw a Packers RB run the ball like that.  We’ve had so many just one cut and go guys, its nice to see someone that can make something out of nothing.
  • Packers OL last year was the best pass protection in the NFL.  This year, this offensive line likes to run block more.  I hope the coaching staff sees that on file and we see a lot more runs, and exotic runs against Seattle.  The Packers guards are liabilities in the pass game, the more we can run the ball effectively that not only helps Rodgers and WR makes plays downfield, but that will help this OL pass block much better.
  • Umm… our screen game is still horrible.  We need to fix that. WR or RB screens.
  • Davante Adams: stud.
  • Did anybody even notice Randal Cobb didn’t play yesterday?
  • MVS didn’t get pay dirt yesterday but he played another great game.  Star in the making.
  • Jimmy Graham is still to quiet for this offense. He should be getting 8-10 targets a game.  I understand this isn’t 2012 Jimmy Graham, but he is till a top 5 receiving TE in this league.  We need to use him more, and I’d like to see it in the middle of the field more so outside on the numbers.
  • Mercedes Lewis > Lance Kendricks.
  • 31 points should be a positive thing, and it is but the Packers still had too many drives for me that just looked awful.  3 and outs, looking disconnected, not on the same page.  Packers still got some way to go.

Defensive Thoughts

  • Packers got 6 sacks against a team, they should get 6 sacks against.  Dolphins were out both starting tackles,  it was a disappointment the Packers rush didn’t get to Osweiler earlier. However, I am glad they got to him at the end.
    • Kyle Fackrell is playing better at OLB than Nick Perry.  Nick Perry should have made an impact in this game with the Dolphins tackles out.  He was nowhere to be seen all game. Nowhere.
  • The D-Line played a good game again today, even Dean Lowry got into the action with a sack and a bunch of tackles.
    • The run defense did not look good though.  Dolphins OL did a good job early on of getting a solid push.  Run defense did look a little better in the second half.
  • Raven Greene.  Play him more at safety please.  You never want to see players to seriously hurt or hurt at all, but Kentrell Brice at safety was a liability for the Packers.  Not saying Greene is better, or will be better, but he made more of an impact in a half than Brice has had all year.
    • Greene is from FCS James Madison and went undrafted.  You can find some FCS gems here and there, they don’t get as much attention or love of their accomplishments in college because it was inferior competition.
    • Excited to see how he plays against Seahawks, definitely a player I’ll be watching closely on Thursday night.
  • Alexander played well again, Josh Jackson had a pretty good game, and Bashaud Breeland got his first pick as a Packer!
    • Tony Brown looks like a pretty solid player also, another undrafted guy out of Alabama though.  Guy plays with some attitude, I like that.
  • Defense played well overall, they only gave up 12 points.
    • In the past, this defense gives up a TD or two on those Dolphins drives.  I’ve been saying for weeks, even though they’ve given up points this defense is much, much better than the previous year.
  • Mike Pettine deserves some love.  Guys have gotten hurt, guys have gotten traded, and the replacements for the most part have done a good job of filling in and being productive.
    • Pettine needs some more talent on the defensive side of the ball.  Here’s to hoping he sticks around for awhile.

Looking Ahead

Packers got a big win that they needed to get back to .500.  With Detroit and Atlanta looking done, that December for the Packers is shaping up to be 4-1 or 5–0 month for them.  They play some pretty bad teams.

However, they need to win this week in Seattle.  Seattle is 4-5, just coming off two close losses to the Chargers and Rams.  A win here gives them a good tiebreaker over the Seahawks and all but pushes the Seahawks out of the playoffs.  It’s looking more and more like the two wild card spots in the NFC are going to be Carolina, and either the Packers, Vikings, or Bears.

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