CFB Week 10 Review

Well the game of the week in all of college football was West Virginia @ Texas.  And BOY THE BALLS ON DANA HOLGORSEN.

Lets start with everything big that happened in the ACC this weekend.

  • Let’s start with Thursday night and the 25th ranked Virginia Cavaliers that didn’t deserve to be there whatsoever.  Well, they proved it, they got beat by Pitt at home by 10.  It was ridiculous that Virginia was ranked, and that other ACC teams are ranked as high as they are. But we’ll get to that later.
    • This game was shit to watch, but also fun because it was played in the rain.
  • Don’t look now, Pittsburgh is in the driver seat to meet Clemson in the ACC title game.
  • #19 Syracuse went into Wake Forest and won by a big margin in a game a lot of people picked WF to win, whether that was outright or covering the spread.  I wont say it was impressive but it was a good win for Syracuse.
    • Syracuse is getting a lot of props for playing Clemson well, remember Trevor Lawerence was out that game and they were playing their 3rd string QB.
    • If Syracuse beats Notre Dame next weekend, I will admit this a a top 15 football team. Until then, they are vastly overrated.
  • NC State beat a lowly FSU team, like they should. They moved up in the rankings also, and have a favorable schedule to win out, be a two loss team and get a NYE6 bowl.  Holy fuck.  I hope to god we do not get NC State and UCF in a NYE6 game.
  • Boston College rolled Virginia Tech.  How the mighty have fallen.
  • Virginia Tech looked like a great team early on because they beating FSU. Little did we know. FSU is god damn awful and Virginia Tech is just awful.
  • We’ll end it with Clemson, who are throwing teams around like rag dolls.  The move to Trevor Lawerence has paid off besides that scare against Syracuse in his first start.  Clemson goes to Boston College this weekend where I think they will fucking roll.

Onto a conference nobody cares about, or watches: the Pac 12

  • Lets start with this, the Pac 12 is the worst Power 5 conference simply because Washington State is a fraud at 8-1.  They are a product of a good team in a very poor conference, where most of the teams are even. Besides Oregon St. and UCLA, you could make an argument that every other team in this conference is pretty much equal, and Washington State is just a tad ahead of them all.
  • We’ll start there with Washington State who need a TD pass with 32 seconds left to win AT HOME over Cal. Washington State has played some very close games this year, including a loss at USC where missed late hit call and then block field goal led to a loss.
    • Washington State looks like they should be the Pac 12 representative in the Rose Bowl, but I would not be surprised at all if this team lost multiple more games this year.  They go to Colorado then get Arizona and Washington at home.
    • Washington State currently needs to win out to lock up the Pac 12 North and a spot in the Pac 12 Championship game.
    • Since October, besides a game against UCLA, Cal has played some really good defense.  Watch for them to upset USC this week.
  • Washington beat Stanford it what should have been the game of the Pac 12 schedule.  Now Washington is the only other team ranked in the top 25 besides Washington State, but I’m not sure the deserve it.
    • They do still have a chance to win the Pac 12 North if they can win out.
  • Well Utah used be ranked at 15 before they went down to Tempe and got whooped on by Arizona StateArizona State has had an up and down year but I think Herm Edwards has done a good job with his team in his first year.
    • Arizona State is still very much alive in the Pac 12 South with this win.
  • Let us take a look at that Pac 12 South Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.22.38 AM.png
  • Who do you like there? Does it matter? Well like I said in my opening statement on the Pac 12, I can see either one of those teams being Washington State at neutral site.  I expect a close game this week with Arizona at Washington State.

Onto the no defense conference, the Big 12.

  • Well the game of the week in all of college football was West Virginia @ Texas.  And BOY THE BALLS ON DANA HOLGORSEN. Love that before they even started that drive they were gonna go for two to win.  Not only did they do it, they did it twice successfully.
    • Texas fans said they were back.  Much like Michigan, until this teams makes the CFP and performs competitively there, they are not back.
    • Tom Herman is a bitch. Honestly complaining about the horns down and Grier sticking the ball out before the goal line.  That penalty allowed your team to even have a chance at the end of the game to win.
    • IMG_1630
  • Oklahoma barely squeaked by Texas Tech in a shootout.  Oklahoma has no defense whatsoever and are gonna give up 30+ against Oklahoma State this weekend.
    • Oklahoma probably loses this game if Alan Bowman stays in the game.
    • Texas Tech gets Texas this week at home, wouldn’t surprise me at all if Texas Tech wins that game.  Looks like Bowman will be able to suit up in that game.
  • We are on a collision course for Oklahoma and West Virginia to play back to back games at the end the season.  This can only hurt the Big 12.  If Oklahoma wins twice in two games, all the sudden West Virginia is a 3 loss team and this committee probably drops them in the 15-20 range. West Virginia wins twice, Oklahoma probably drops in the 10-15 range. Why?  Because of name recognition, that’s it. If they split, thats even worse for the Big 12 to get into the playoffs.
  • My lord how TCU as fallen.  They lost at Kansas two weeks ago, and they barely beat Kansas State at home this weekend. Somehow they are only a 12 point underdog at West Virgina this weekend, fucking hammer West Virginia.
  • Iowa State is getting no love, although this is a three loss team I would take them over Syracuse, NC State, and Boston College based on the Big 12 giving them a better schedule. They won solidly against Kansas this past week and have Baylor up next. I like this Iowa State team.

Let’s move to the SEC.

  • Alabama showed why they’re the #1 team in the country. They went into LSU at night and put a smack down on them.  Their defense showed up big time and shut out LSU.
    • I still don’t think this defense has been tested, Mississippi State this weekend will actually be a bigger test for this Alabama team and LSU I think.
    • Got a lot of flack for this on twitter the other day, but I don’t think LSU a great team.  Although they beat Georgia by 20, this team as squeaked by a few teams and their offense is the same old LSU offense.  They just can’t score against good teams.  To me, that Georgia game is an outlier to who this team really is.
    • What did this game show me?  That Alabama is beatable.  I’ve watched FS1 and ESPN and just heard this confirms Alabama is unbeatable.  I’ve also listened to radio and a few podcasts that are on my side, this game showed you can slow down Alabama and play with them if you have a good offense.  I don’t think Alabama rolls through Georgia by three scores like everybody expects in the SEC Championship game.
  • The Georgia/Kentucky game was very similar to me as the Alabama/LSU game.  A top end SEC team going on the road against a team that plays great defense, as a sub-par offense, and has gotten some good breaks to a one loss season up to this point.
    • Georgia dominated this game and I think is looking close to team of last year, although I don’t think they are as good.
    • Kentucky was a nice story this year, they were in position to win the SEC East, but they are closer to a team like Mississippi State or Florida than they are to even LSU.
  • Speaking of Florida, they got spanked by Missouri.  Again, this is another SEC team that was vastly over ranked.  Florida is not good with Franks at QB, they will not be at the top of the SEC again until that guy is gone and they find a real QB.
    • Missouri on the other hand has four losses on the season, two to Georgia and Alabama, a 2 point loss at South Carolina, and a 1 point loss to Kentucky after a so-so PI call.
    • Missouri is a team that is undervalued but because they have those 4 losses, it must mean they are a bad team.
  • Speaking of over-ranked teams, Auburn beat #20 Texas A&M and is now ranked in the top 25. Auburn pulled this game outta their ass with a 4th quarter comeback at home.
    • Auburn now gets to go to Georgia.  After that loss we’ll see what SEC team the committee decides to throw in the top 25.  Wouldn’t even be mad is it was Missouri.

Onto the Big 10…

  • Not the biggest game on the schedule to the casual viewer but the biggest impact game in the Big Ten was Purdue topping Iowa.  A crazy game where Iowa came back from 12 down in the 4th quarter only to have Purdue kick the game winning FG with 8 seconds left.
    • This was a bad loss for Iowa, they had a chance to really take control of the Big 10 West with a win here at Purdue and this week against Northwestern.  Now, both teams are two games behind Northwestern. Iowa in the loss column and Purdue because of head to head.
    • Purdue has a huge game in two weeks against Wisconsin.
    • This Purdue team should be ranked.  They’ve beaten ranked Boston College, Iowa, and Ohio State but their 5-4, not an SEC team and don’t have the sexy name.
  • Ohio State.. you. look. bad.  They needed a second half comeback to beat lowly Nebraska.  This team is not play good football and is somehow ranked #10 with one loss.  They go to Michigan State this weekend and can really show the country they are a good team with a convincing win.
    • As a Michigan fan, I have no doubt Ohio State will play their best game of the past five years in two weeks. FUCK.
    • Nebraska, you’re 2-7 but they have looked better since their beatdown at Wisconsin. This isn’t the start Cornhusker fans wanted with Scott Frost but he was the correct hire for this program.
  • Michigan revenge tour is coming to Rutgers next.  Don’t need revenge against Rutgers but they’re gonna cover that 39 point spread.
    • I don’t remember seeing a college defense play this well. Michigan’s defense absolutely manhandled Penn State no matter what they tried to do. That front is fucking nasty.
    • Michigan still plays this tight man to man defense which can get them burned, McSorely missed a bomb in this game.  That could come back to haunt Michigan in a later but it’s the risk reward they play with.
    • Michigans offense also looks much better week after week.  They were up 14-0 for a long time in this game and wouldn’t put the pedal down, they just kept running the ball.  I hope against Ohio State and potentially in the CFB Playoff if they make it, Harbaugh goes for the kill shot.
    • Michigans offense also got Tarik Black back who caught a long TD that got nullified by a questionable holding call.  This WR corps is loaded, Collins, People-Jones, Black, and Gentry are all NFL guys.
    • Oh, Karan Higdon. Whats is this now, seven games in a row with over 100 yards rushing.
    • This just isn’t Penn States year, especially with McSorley hurt. Ever since they lost that Ohio State game on an odd 4th down call, they haven’t looked the same.
    • Look for next year, when Penn State fucking shitpumps Michigan at home.
  • Michigan St. pulled out a nice win at Maryland. With everything Maryland has been dealing with off the field, and the events that happened during the week I thought Maryland would come out pretty fired up.
    • Maryland needs one more win to become bowl eligible, got a great chance at Indiana next weekend.  That would be a great win for this program.
    • Michigan St. won because they ran the shit out of the ball.  They’re gonna need to throw, whether that is Lewerke or Lombardi, if they wanna beat Ohio State.

The rest..

  • Notre Dame played a tough game at Northwestern and came out top.  I thought this would be the best chance for ND to drop a game.
    • Northwestern played another tough game at home.  They now have to go on the road to Iowa to stay on top of the Big Ten West.
    • Notre Dame has looked a little shaky some games here, they better watch out for that neutral field game against Syracuse.  I am not sure this team is a top four team.  I know they’re undefeated, but neutral field game I’d take Bama, Clemson, Michigan, Georgia, and Oklahoma over them without hesitation.  Again, reasoning for an 8 team playoff here.
  • The other talked about team is UCF.  They played a shootout against Temple and came out on top.  They aren’t as good as last year but the win streak is impressive.
    • I said on twitter I would take UCF over a crapload of SEC teams.  I take back putting LSU in that group, but UCF could score on any of those other teams.



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