NFL Week 9 & CFB Week 10 Sportsbook Review

What the fucking fuck Wisconsin? Really?  Only a 15 point win over fucking Rutgers.

CFB Week 10 Review  — Total Record (14-12)

  1. Georgia (-10) & Over 44.5 — (2-0) 
    • Georgia showed they are the real team to beat in the SEC East and that Kentucky, is well, just a good team that didn’t deserve to be ranked in the top 10 and got a few lucky breaks this year.
    • Over was a tough decision because Kentucky does have a great defense, but Georgia just ran the fucking ball down their throat.
  2. West Virginia (+2) & Under 58 — (3-1)
    • This game was fucking awesome, the game of the day honestly.  Dana Holgorsen carries his balls in a wheel barrels. I love this team, and I hope they don’t have a let down before they play Oklahoma in back to back weeks.
    • Texas was better than I thought. Although they were at home, I thought West Virginia would still win by a TD.
    • Also loved seeing ESPN quoting the video below in a Tweet or Instagram or something keeping out Holgorsen saying fucking.  Instead they kept it PG.

4. Michigan (-10.5) & Over 53 — (4-2)

  • Michigan revenge tour is fucking rolling.  They are going to destroy Rutgers and Indiana.
  • Penn State didn’t have a chance in this game, Michigan -10.5 was one of the easiest bets of this week.
  • As good as Michigan’s defense is, I thought Penn State would score more than 7 to get this game to hit the over.

5. Northwestern (+9.5) & Over 53.5 — (4-4)

  • Well Northwestern played well enough but not enough to cover.  Missed it by .5 points.  Also missed the over by .5 points.
  • My over line was a little higher than some places, I saw some lines at 50 which would have been perfect.

6. LSU (+14) & Under 54 — (5-5)

  • Well LSU’s offense STINKS. I think I bought into the home field advantage and took the 14.  Also the 14 was a big number but we might look back on it and think it was the correct number based on the rest of LSU’s season.

NFL Week 9 Review  — Total Record (12-4)

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (+2) & Under 47 — (2-0)
    • The Ravens were on the struggle bus for October and the Steelers were on a roll.  This game being played at noon, I took the Steelers as they have been the better team lately, and would have taken the money line.
    • Under was easy, Steelers and Big Ben on the road against a very good defense, also the Ravens offense has struggled lately.
  2. Los Angeles Chargers (PK) & Over 47.5 — (3-1)
    • Chargers are good.  I might like them better than the Chiefs until that Chiefs dense shows up.  The Chargers two loses have come against those Chiefs and the Rams. Good fucking team.
    • This was a game the Seahawks could have won and taken the league by surprise.  They really needed a few miracles at the end to only lose by 7.
  3. New Orleans Saints (+2) & Under 57.5 — (4-2)
    • Well. Why do I always think defense will show up.  I think I trust the Saints defense too much.
    • People believed in the Rams too much on offense, their defense is not good and can’t stop good offenses (Saints, Packers, Vikings).  Imagine that line against the Chiefs in a few weeks. 63? OOFTA.
  4. Green Bay Packers (+5.5) & Under 57 — (5-3)
    • Welp more thoughts on the Packers late but this game was looking nice for the Packers to cover until that Jones fumble and Patriots trick play.
    • Packers defense was balling this game until the 4th quarter.

Locks of the Week — (3-1)

  1. Wisconsin/Rutgers OVER 50.5 — (0-1)
    • What the fucking fuck Wisconsin? Really?  Only a 15 point win over fucking Rutgers.
  2. Houston Texans (-1) — (1-1)
    • Texans are rolling against mediocre teams, love it.
    • Also, I’d like to thank Brandon McManus for missing two field goals.

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