Packers/Rams Deep Dive

Packers used to have the best screen game in the NFL.  I can't remember the last time I saw a great Packers screen. 

As a die hard Packer fan, the sports blog needed some Packers deep dive reactions after every game.  This one is coming late, well because we were a little hungover Sunday into Monday (I’m old), and life got in the way. But now we have some time to go at this, so here’s some in depth thoughts on the Packers.

Green Bay Packers Offense

  • Rodgers looked a little bit more healthy which was a good sign, and he didn’t injure the knee anymore.  However, he still looks a little off and I’m not sure if that is all on the knee, or if he’s still getting used to throwing to guys like MVS and Jimmy Graham.
  • As much as I like to criticize McCarthy, the safety play was on Rodgers.  You gotta check outta that and just throw a quick ball out to MVS.  Maybe Rodgers didn’t have the confidence in him, but then thats on the coaching staff to now have Davante Adams out on the field for that play.  Rodgers knows better than to run a simple dive right into Suh and Donald.
  • Speaking of Jimmy Graham, I really thought he would flourish with Rodgers and McCarthy would use him correctly unlike the Seahawks.  Graham disappears some games, and besides his almost TD catch, he did not do much today.  I find it hard to believe Rodgers doesn’t like taking advantage of him more in the middle of the field or the Red Zone.  I really hope Graham stays next year because I think he can still be a top TE when it comes to pass catching in this league, and it seems like it’s just trust and chemistry issue between him and Rodgers.
  • MVS and EQS are the future at WR for the Packers.  Both of these guys are studs and already have a bit of chemistry with Rodgers.  I love Cobb, but he is gone next year and EQS or Allison will move into the slot receiver position.  I still think Cobb can contribute in the NFL, but those two guys are just going to be better by the end of this year.
  • Davante Adams is a fucking STUD.  There is not a DB in the league that can keep up with how quick Adams is off the LOS and in and out of his cuts.  He can sky up to grab the ball, he has great awareness on the sidelines, there isn’t a route he can’t run, and he can make any catch.  I understand he plays with Rodgers and isn’t a well known name, but in my unbiased opinion he is a top 10 WR in this league.  He is the best WR Rodgers has ever had to throw the ball too (no offense Jordy).
  • Onto the RBs, every Packer fans favorite position. McCarthy finally gave Jones more than 10 carries, he ran 12 for 86 and TD with that TD coming on 33 yard scamper.  During the 1st series Jones was tearing off chunk runs.  I hope after watching the tape McCarthy continues to feed Jones, I feel like McCarthy goes on streaks of committing to the running game.  He runs at the start of the game, sprinkles in some play action, gets Rodgers in good 2nd and 3rd down situations and our offense hums.  Then all the sudden we throw the ball 7 times in a row.  I just don’t understand it. Keep feeding Jones, he can also catch the ball.  I think he has a BIG game against the Pats.  He goes over 100 yards and has a few TDS.
  • I don’t think Jamal Williams is a starting RB in this league but he is a great change of pace guy and a bruiser.  Now that Montgomery is gone, some of those reps are coming to Williams and I think he deserves them in more unique runs.  Not just 31 and 32 dives.
  • Speaking of our RBs, Packers used to have the best screen game in the NFL.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a great Packers screen.  Both Williams and Jones can catch the ball, and in their different ways, run and make people miss after the catch. I’d like to see some more of those.
  • The offensive line is pretty fucking solid when Bulaga starts.  They played a pretty good game against that Rams front, although Aaron Donald got his but Donald is always going to fucking his.
  • Both Taylor and Bell a playing a bit better, and I mean that in the way of I wasn’t constantly bitching at them for missing blocks or allowing tons of pressure on Rodgers.  However, Bell got blown the fuck up on the safety play. Not a good look.
  • Oh yes, #69 is the best LT in the league.

Green Bay Packers Defense

  • When King and Alexander both play, this defense plays so much better on the back end.  With Jackson and Breeland set to see more time because of Clinton-Dix leaving, I am excited to see what these guys can do. I think King and Alexander are both fucking studs that allow Pettine to draw up some crazy shit.
  • I like Williams being put to safety (reportedly) over Dix.  He’s going to have better covering instincts and will be able to play the ball more.  I do worry about his tackling in the run game though, I think some teams may try to attack this.  But the ability to have a guy like Williams cover RB’s or Slot receivers instead of Dix is definitely a plus for the Packers.
  • The other safety position, SHEESH.  Brice constantly gives up big plays, I have no faith in Whitehead either, and if Josh Jones couldn’t get past those guys in practice then what am I supposed to be encouraged about? Hopefully Pettine can scheme these guys to not be in coverage very much, especially Brice.  Christ that guy is a liability on the back end.  I do like Brice’s ability to tackle and lay the wood to guys though.
  • Up front, the Packers need help on the pass rush.  Perry might be the most overpaid OLB in the league, but sadly during that years FA there weren’t many options.  Matthews is playing better this year than last, but he is still not the Clay Matthews of old.  He can’t over take a game himself like he used to.
  • I’d like to see Reggie Gilbert make some more plays, he was great in the preseason but hasn’t done much this year as of yet.  I think if theres any guy on this defense who could explode in the second half of the season, it’s him.
  • Daniels and Clark are probably the most underrated D-Linemen in the league.  Both guys are fucking HOUSES and played like fucking men on Sunday.  Wilkerson going on IR really hurt the Packers, that was one of the best DL’s in the league, still can be though.
  • Packers played some good run defense on Todd Gurley.  He really only had a few splash plays which is a good sign.
  • Although the Packers gave up 27 points, there was a lot to build on here.  Sadly, they get the highest scoring offense since Week 4 next week in the Patriots.  If they can keep the Patriots to that 24 point range, the Packers have a great shot at winning this game.

Final Thoughts

  •  I don’t care if you think Montgomery brought that ball out selfishly or if you’re on the side he didn’t.  YOU CANT FUMBLE THAT BALL.  If he brings it out, and doesn’t fumble he is still on the Packers and we may not even hear of the melt down he had on the sidelines. Also, if he doesn’t fumble the Packers are 4-2-1 and not 3-3-1.
  • The division is still within hand, I don’t want to say if we lose this game we are out but I think the Packers will need to win the division to get in.  As good as the Pats are, the Packers have a great shot at winning in Foxborough.

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