NFL Week 8 & CFB Week 9 Betting Recap

CFB Week 9: 9-7

  • Baylor +14 & Under 67.5 (0-2)
    • Christ Baylor, you guys suck. Hadn’t played real shitty on the road all year, I guess they had to.
    • I also said the game wouldn’t hit over 67.5 unless WVU scored like 40, well they fucking did
  • Northwestern +7 & Under 51 (2-2)
    • Fucking nailed it. Didn’t know Hornibrook wouldn’t play but that helped because Coan sucked.
    • Watch out Notre Dame next week, Evanston, ILL is a hard place to play. Night game, all those nerds cheering. WATCH OUT.
  • Penn State -6.5 & Under 51.5 (2-4)
    • Penn State was in complete control in the second half of this game to hit both, but a pick 6 in the 4th screwed us over here.
  • Michigan St. -1.5 & Under 51 (4-4)
    • Easy pickings here, Purdue was coming in hot but they aren’t that good.
    • Michigan St. made the change at QB that really helped this offense.
  • Washington St. +2.5 & Over 53 (6-4)
    • WSU came back down 11 in the second half to cover.  Huge kick for the winner to get us the outright win, without that there is no way WSU covers in OT if they lose
    • The over was already in the bag by half, 35 total points. Stanford can’t stop anybody. WSU can’t stop anybody
  • Georgia -6.5 & Under 52 (7-5)
    • I thought this would be a more hard fought game so thats why I took the under.
    • Georgia proved they were clearly the better team here, although 6.5 is a big number, they proved they are the real deal.
    • Florida meanwhile, Franks fucking sucks.
  • Clemson +17 & Over 51 (8-6)
    • I mean what to say, Florida State is dog shit.
  • Navy +23.5 & Under 54.5 (9-7)
    • Well I thought maybe Navy’s offense would slow the game down just enough to stay under 54.5.
    • Thank god Navy’s offense came alive in the second half because it was 27-0 at half

NFL Week 8: 7-1

  • Eagles -3.5 and Under 42.5 (2-0)
    • This game was real hard to decide on the over/under because both offense could really go off, and both defenses could shut down the others team offense.  Decided with the under because of the travel, chose right by .5 points. WHEW.
    • Also took the Eagles, they are the better team and the Jags were struggling. Still are in fact.
  • Panthers +2 & Over 43.5 (4-0)
    • Nailed It. Panthers were getting some serious disrespect and the Ravens were getting overrated a little bit.
    • Ravens haven’t played as well on the road so I decided to take the over in this game. Plus both offenses had proven they could go off.
  • Packers +9 & Over 57 (6-0)
    • Packers +9 may have been the easiest bet of the week. Coming off a bye week, Packers defense was getting more healthy, no way Packers lose by more than 9.
    • Thought the game would have more scoring, the 1st half really surprised almost everybody I would think. Just missed it by a 1 point.
      • Ty Montgomery not fumbling here would have let us hit the over.  Lets be honest, Rodgers wins this game. Glad we can agree.
  • Saints (PK) & Over 53 (7-1)
    • Thought Saints were the better team offensively and defensively. They came in playing much, much better football. Hell Drew Brees threw for like 120 yards and they still won.
    • The Pick 6 definitely helped the Saints in this game.
    • Over didn’t hit – check Drew Brees only throwing for 120 yards.

Locks: 2-0

  1. NCAA LOCK: WI/NW Under 51
    • See above. Easy pickings here
  2. NFL Lock: Raiders/Colts Over 50
    • Both defenses sucks.  Both QBs can sling the ball. Luck was on fire and the Raiders had something to prove with all the turmoil

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