Packers Trade Ty Montgomery & Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

After Ty Montgomery’s decision against the Rams on Sunday, most thought he’d be cut but it looks like he managed something just the tip above getting cut. Montgomery is going the Ravens for a 7th round pick in 2020.  Almost cut, but not cut.

So what does this mean for the Packers? Well they got rid of a guy who made a boneheaded decision, and whether or not he did it out of selfishness, it’s clear it made some players on the team uneasy.

As far as the backfield goes, Montgomery’s play time was dwindling as McCarthy finally got smart and started playing Aaron Jones more and Jamal Williams was still getting his fair share of snaps.  Both Jones and Williams are better overall RB’s than Montgomery and both could catch the ball decently well out of the backfield.

Combine that with the Packers young WR corps that Montgomery wasn’t going to get supplanted back into and he was in a tough spot.  No surprise Montgomery was shipped off.

Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix was also in a odd position.  It seemed like he wanted out of Green Bay because he knew the team wasn’t going to resign him after this year.  His first two years with Green Bay were Pro Bowl years but the last two have been far from that.  He has multiple blown coverages, seems to space out at times and is in the wrong position, and seems timid to come up and make plays.  Although, to be fair there were some great plays and games in-between there, he was becoming to inconsistent.

The Packers got a 2019 4th Round pick for a player they knew wouldn’t be on the team next year.  Not a bad move, but now the question is who the hell is going to play safety for this team?

Whitehead and Brice have shown they can’t be trusted back there, and one of them is going to HAVE to play no matter what. (FUCK). So the Packers can play Josh Jones who hasn’t seen much of the field this year.  I could also see the Packers playing Breeland at Safety, maybe they haven’t played him because they’re trying to teach him the position, or they put Josh Jackson at free safety and allow Brice to play up in the box more.

Josh Jackson’s hit on him coming out of college was his speed, but he is a ball hawk.  A move to safety could be the perfect fit for him and the Packers.

Finally, the Packers have a few options for the two open roster spots:

  1. They can promote Tra Carson (RB), Joe Kerridge (FB), or Danny Vitale (FB) to replace the actual RB position.
  2. Bring back Trevor Davis off IR and bring him back to be the main KR/PR. He hasn’t shown much as a WR but is a good special teams player.
  3. Jake Kumerow is also eligible to come back off IR.  He could be the main KR/PR for the Packers also, over Davis. Its hard to see the Packers filling these two spots with WR’s when you already have Adams, Cobb, Allison, MVS, and EQS active each game.
  4. Breeland who was signed recently has yet to be active in a game, he could very well be taking Dix’s roster spot next week against the Patriots.
  5. Fill the spot with a signed FA either on the defensive line or secondary.


*cue up the Clinton-Dix jokes being in Washington D.C.

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