NFL Week 8 Takeaways

HOW BOUT THEM GIANTS. Eli Manning - you have Saquan Barkley, Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and this team CANT FUCKING SCORE.  HOW?! HOW?!

Baltimore Ravens 21 @ Carolina Panthers 36

  • The Panthers are the 3rd best team in the NFC behind the Saints and Rams.  The Panthers can still play some great defense and the Cam Newton is rolling under new offensive coordinator Norv Turner.
  • I said this in my NFL betting blog, no idea how the Panthers were an underdog at home against the Ravens.  This team is legit and will challenge the Saints for the NFC South Crown.
  • The Ravens are one of the most well rounded teams in the NFL but they throw out too many duds are are too inconsistent.  This team should not lose on the road at Cleveland, and this defense shouldn’t be giving up 35+ points. If they become more consistent they can still win the AFC North, if not they are going to be looking up at the Steelers again.  Who they get this week at home.

Cleveland Browns 18 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 33

  • Speaking of the Steelers, their defense was all over Cleveland and Baker Mayfield on Sunday.  Looked like a Steelers defense of old.
  • Even though this was a double digit win for the Steelers, this was as game going into the 4th quarter.  The Browns are really playing hard and have not given up on the season.  In the weak AFC and the way some of these teams play so inconsistent, if they would reel off a few wins it would be a fun November/December for Browns fans.  And now that I’ve said that, no chance that happens.
  • Browns finally got rid of Hue Jackson, should have done it in the offseason.  That is not surprising, I am surprised they got rid of Todd Haley though and gave control of this team to Greg Williams. Obviously, Browns are going to go offense with their new coach.  Some names to look at: Lincoln Riley (Oklahoma HC), John DeFilippo (Vikings OC), and Zac Taylor (Rams QB Coach).
  • Finish up the AFC North with the Bengals who escaped a win agains the Buccaneers. Not sure who the Bengals are really, I thought at the start of the year they could contend for the AFC North crown but they like the Ravens are too inconsistent.  Played poorly agains the Chiefs and blew a big league on Sunday.
  • One thing is for sure, the Bengals offense can score (besides against the Chiefs) and they have some very good weapons in AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon, and Giovanni Bernard when he is healthy.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34 @ Cincinnati Bengals 37

  • The Buccaneers are a god damn mess.  They need to start Fitzpatrick the rest of the year, try to unload Winston on some team and try to get their guy next year.  I feel like this team has been on the brink of being a good team for the past few years but just cant. Winston is the problem and he is NOT GOOD.
  • Buccaneers need a change at head coach too. Dirk Koetter is good offensive guy, but he is not a head coach in this league.  Bring in a guy who can instill some discipline into this team and get your QB of the future.
  • For the rest of the year though, the Buccaneers will be a thorn in some teams sides.  They can score on offense and will beat some playoff team or beat a team to keep them out of the playoffs.  They still get the Saints at home and have to play the Panthers twice.  Also they’ll get the chance to change the NFC East race.

Denver Broncos 23 @ Kansas City Chiefs 30

  • The Chiefs offense is a god damn ROCKET and kept on rolling this game.  We’ll see how they adjust without Tyreek Hill for a bit but I think they’ll be alright.  Kareem Hunt doesn’t get enough love as a top RB in this league, he is a beast and his TD run hoping over defenders and powering his way into the end zone showed that.
  • The Chief’s defense is getting better, and they will get Eric Berry back soon.  It’ll be interesting too see how much better Berry can make that defense play. If they can hold teams to say I don’t know.. like 24 points.  The Chiefs won’t lose again.
  • The Broncos are an odd team, I don’t know what to think of them.  I like their offensive weapons, Lindsay and Freeman are a good 1-2 punch but Lindsay needs to get the ball way more.  As of right now, they have three good WR’s in Sanders, Thomas, and Sutton.  Thomas may be on his way out.
  • The problem with the Broncos offense is the QB and O-Line play.  Keenum is a good bridge QB but the Broncos need to find their guy.  They have good weapons on offense and good enough defense to be a playoff team and make some noise, I don’t think that happens this year though.

Indianapolis Colts 42 @ Oakland Raiders 28

  • Lets look at everyones game of the week: Colts @ Raiders.  Colts offense is a humming boys and girls.  Luck might lead the league in TD’s, besides Ebron and Hilton he’s throwing TD’s to guys you’ve never heard of, and Marlon Mack is a beast so far when he’s played.
  • The Colts could reel off a few wins here and make things interesting with the Texans in the AFC South.  They have a nice schedule after the bye week in week 9.  They get the Jags, Titans, and Dolphins all at home.  They win those 3, and they are 6-5 going into the final month of the season.  Don’t be surprised if the Colts grab that 6 seed in the AFC playoffs. Their schedule, they might only lose one or two games the rest of the year.
  • I think we also have to appreciated the job Chris Ballard has done in rebuilding the Colts.  Defensively this team is much better than they have been in previous years, and the offensive line is WAY better.  Luck actually has time to throw and is not always running for his life.
  • Didn’t even know Brandon Lafell was still in the league, but I guess if you played him in fantasy then good on you?
  • Only things to watch for the Raiders is who gets traded, does this team stay competitive in games – for gods sake they still have to play the Chiefs twice – and do they gel more around Derek Carr.
  • Totally got the over right on this game, which was my lock of the week.  No defense at all on the Raiders and Andrew Luck is humming.  Love the over when the Colts play this year.

New York Jets 10 @ Chicago Bears 24

  • Is their video proof that the Jets and Bears played?
  • Not much to say in this game, the Bears have a good defense and their offense is doing well against mediocre/bad teams. I’m not sold on Trubisky, I think he’s solid but this team won’t make the playoffs.
  • Jordan Howard finally did get a little traction for the Bears.  As great as Nagy has been, it amazes me how he hasn’t been able to get Howard going yet this year – the guy is a 1,000 yard rusher and a decent receiver.
  • The Jets are fucking miserable.  Offensively the have nothing. Defensively they are pretty good and that defense will keep the in some games this year, just like this one.
  • Darnold hasn’t shown that he’ll be great, but he hasn’t shown he’ll be bad. Good sign for the Jets.  I think he is the future, they just need some offensive weapons around him.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see Demayrius Thomas end up here in a trade by tomorrow.

San Francisco 49ers 15 @ Arizona Cardinals 18

  • Now for the second most exciting game of the day. 49ers at the Cardinals.
  • 49ers, a lot like the Raiders are done this season.  Not much they have to play for and nobody is really on the trading block nor do I think they’ll make any moves.  This season is all about evaluation.  I don’t think they end up as a 1 win team but if they do and they get Ed Oliver in the NFL Draft – that defense will be NASTY next year.
  • The Cardinals on the other hand, have a lot to evaluate: their head coach, Byron Leftwich as the O-Coordinator, Josh Rosen, and if Fitzgerald has anything left in the thank.
  • I don’t think the Cardinals would cut or release Fitzgerald and I think he’s smart enough to know when he’s done but I think his production this year is on the offensive play calling and not on him at all.
  • Cardinals need to get David Johnson rolling.  He is a top 5 running back – the games he’s having a very subpar for his standards. Prayers for all the fantasy teams that took him in the top 3 or 4 of their draft.
  • Why is David Johnson not doing well this year?  Their offensive line sucks. Simple as that.
  • Josh Rosen made some nice plays in the 4th quarter.  I think the play calling and offensive line issues are not giving us the perfect look at him.  I think he’ll be fine but they need to protect him.  He’s not a QB whose going to run around and create plays.  Also, him and Christian Kirk have a great connection. Kirk is the real deal. Rosen showed great anticipation on the final TD throw to Kirk.  Just a great thrown and catch. (starts at 2:33 in the video below)

Washington Redskins 20 @ New York Giants 13

  • HOW BOUT THEM GIANTS. Eli Manning – you have Saquan Barkley, Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and this team CANT FUCKING SCORE.  HOW?! HOW?!
  • Every time they pan to Pat Shurmur I feel like he’s telling Eli to throw the fucking ball or throw it to someone else.
  • Alex Tanney is not the answer, but Eli is just dragging this team down.  Maybe you let him play so you only win 1 or 2 games this year and hope OBJ doesn’t kill a guy, then you get that top pick and draft your QB next year.
  • Do the Giants look at trading for Winston? Foles? Anybody? See if one of those guys is the answer.  Not the smart decision in my opinion but I guess you never know.
  • The Redskins defense is for real. They are going to cause problems all year for teams.
  • I feel like this the first Redskins game I’ve seen them play away.
  • Adrian Peterson has turned back time and is a fucking HAUS.  He is the reason this team is winning.  Without that running game, the Redskins are playing as well depending on Alex Smith to drop back 40 times a game.  You stop AP, you stop the Redskins.
  • Last note on the Redskins, I think they need to try and utilize Jordan Reed more.  He is a matchup nightmare for defenses.

Philadelphia Eagles 24 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 18

  • Eagles got a win they needed to stay in the NFC East race.
  • Do the Eagles pull the trigger on a guy like LeSean McCoy or Jordan Howard to solidify that running game? Josh Adams looked like the clear best back for the Eagles over Smallwood and Clement.
  • The Eagles are good enough defensively to get back to the Super Bowl. Their offense needs to get back on track. Their offense has only scored over 30 points once all year – that needs to change.  They get two tough defenses coming up next, the Cowboys and the Saints.
  • Again, the Jaguars defense played good enough to win but dog damn their offense is poor.
  • Blake Bortles played better but he doesn’t make the team lift up their play like a good starting QB would.
  • Not helping Bortles: their WR’s dropping passes and a running game that managed 70 yards.  Carlos Hyde had 6 carries for 11 yard.  Blake Bortles led this team in rushing with 43 yards.  If the Jags don’t get Fournette back, they are done.  They need that battering ram badly.

Seattle Seahawks 28 @ Detroit Lions 14

  • Well looks like the Seahawks are legitimate playoff contender this year, something at the start of the year most people didn’t think they would be.
  • By running the ball with Chris Carson, the Seahawks have become a lot more balanced and Russell Wilson isn’t forced to do everything on his own.  Seahawks need to keep running the ball well to win games.
  • Gonna find out how real the Seahawks actually are in November.  They get to play Phillip Rivers, Jared Goff, Aaron Rodgers, and Cam Newton. Seahawks are 4-3 right now, they could easily be 4-7 after the month of November.
  • The Lions are still the Lions.  They will be a .500 team that is going to win some games they shouldn’t and then look like absolute trash in others. They were trash yesterday.
  • Lions have a legit running game now, three solid WRs and they managed 14 points today. You wonder why Stafford gets so much shit.
  • Did you know Stafford and Clayton Kershaw grew up together?
  • Lions looked like they were going all in by trading for Snack Harrison, sadly for Lions fans I think this season is looking towards another 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 season.

New Orleans Saints 30 @ Minnesota Vikings 20

  • The Saints might not have the best record in the NFC, but I think they are the best team.  They have offensive weapons to match up with the Rams and I think their defense is better than the Rams.
  • Drew Brees had 120 yards passing. 120. The Saints won. That says everything.
  • I said it in my betting preview but the Saints defense is starting to gel at the right time.  Next weeks game against the Rams is going to be F-U-N FUN FUN FUCKING FUN.
  • Kirk Cousins is throwing the ball all over the yard but the Vikings are making too many mistakes and are too Jekyll and Hyde.
  • Adam Theilen and Stefon Diggs are probably the best 1-2 WR combo in the NFL but both made crucial mistakes that cost the Vikings this game.
  • Speaking of Thelien, when does he not get 100 yards receiving? Detroit, Chicago, and Green Bay are up next.  Might not be until December that Theilen doesn’t reach 100 yards.
  • The Vikings defense also isn’t as good as it was last year and I don’t think its going to win games for them. The Vikings were remarkably healthy last year on the defense and they have some this year which is hurting the team obviously.


Note:  Packers/Rams recap will be a separate blog.

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