Dolphins/Texans TNF Reaction


  • I am not sure that game was worthy of 10 minutes of highlights but whatever, just keep that Hopkins catch on repeat I guess. Fucking Amazing.
  • The Texans are a unit right now, after losing three straight they have won five straight – with a little coaching help from the Colts and Cowboys.  Kind of amazing to poor coaching decisions on 4th down have led to the Texans winning those two games. They are 5-3, just as easily could be 3-5 or 3-4-1.  That’s the beauty of the NFL and why we love it.
  • Losing Will Fuller is going to be a huge loss for this offense.  He was the deep threat for the Texans and had a great connection with Deshaun Watson (11 TDs).
  • Keke Coutee is going to need to step up big time
  • Lamar Miller played very well tonight against his former team. How much does he have left in the tank for the rest of the year.  The Texans are getting D’onta Foreman soon, so hopefully the three headed monster of Miller, Foreman, and Blue can help this team out in these November and December games. 
  • The Texans defense should be better then they were tonight.  I feel like every year we come into the season saying the Texans are a playoff contender because of their defense. They did have a INT and a sack in this game but the Dolphins should not score 23 points on this team.  It just feels like the Texans defense should be dominating some of these poorer teams.  As the season goes on we’ll have to see if their defense can play at a championship level, because Watson is the kind of guy that can carry this team in the playoffs – even without Will Fuller

  • If that tweet doesn’t say enough about the Dolphins team, then I don’t know what else to add.
  • The Dolphins 3-0 start was fun while it lasted but this is not a playoff team, they are a .500 teams.  Because they get to play the Bills twice and the Jets again, they could get to 9-7.
  • Somehow Frank Gore is still making plays on offense even though he’s been in the league since 1983.  Keenyan Drake is the only other playmaker on this offense.
  • The WR corps is decent but they need a #1 guy.  Davante Parker is not that player and he won’t be on this team much longer.  Amendola, Grant, and Wilson are all good role players but the Dolphins really need that #1 guy. Oh wait – they let him go.
  • Will be interesting to see what the Dolphins do at the end of this year.  I really think Adam Gase is good head coach in the NFL but I’m not sure he makes it at the end of the year.  The Dolphins have a few options at the end of the year here.
    • Stick with Tannehill and Gase
    • Sick with Tannehill and get ride of Gase.
    • Stick with Gase and get rid of Tannehill
  • Gase brought this team to the playoffs two years ago, albeit in a poor AFC, with a backup QB at the end of the year. If I’m the Dolphins, I keep Gase and try to get the QB of the future somehow and let Gase work his magic.

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