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Texas Country Thursday: Shotgun Rider

Texas Music Showcase: Shotgun Rider

Every Thursday I am going to showcase a band or artist from Texas that is killing it.  As a huge Country Music fan, most of the crap you hear on the radio is not really country at all.  I have come to find that some of favorite artists reside in Texas and listening to their stuff more on my iPod than anything else.  Just trying to give some of these guys a shout and give everyone else some good music to listen to.

Suggestions appreciated!

Shotgun Rider.jpg
Courtesy of The Shotgun Seat (Samford, Right & Enriquez, Left)


Shotgun Rider (Logan Samford  & Anthony Enriquez)

The band started by Logan and Anthony who are from the panhandle are of Texas have had some good success on the Texas Country Music Charts and through streaming, most recently with their song ‘Me and a Memory.’

I was instantly hooked on these guys, they have a country rock sound to them – no doubt about it and Samford’s voice reminds me a little bit of Gary Allan. They’ve put out 4 EP’s along with their debut full length album Palo Duro (2018).  If you’re a fan of country music, you will thoroughly enjoy these guys. Visit their site for more details on the band (


  1. Shotgun Rider – EP (2015)
  2. Panhandle – EP (2016)
  3. Whirlwind – EP (2016)
  4. Sunlight – EP (2016)
  5. Palo Duro (2018)

Moxies Top 5 Shotgun Rider Songs

  1. Dancing Without Me
  2. Mess I’m In
  3. It Won’t Matter Anyway
  4. Lovin’ Up On You
  5. Sunlight

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